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Returning player - balance any better?

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Returning player - balance any better?

swqael's Avatar

01.23.2022 , 11:02 AM | #1
It's been several years since I played. At the time I left, if you wanted to be ranged dps, for endgame group content, gunnery troopers simply couldn't do as much damage as gunslingers. Is it still the same, or are troopers more even now?

Gibonski's Avatar

01.25.2022 , 01:47 AM | #2
We do not yet know the 7.0 live version as pts will be updated and changes made after 28th of Jan.

We will know after it launches, however from what I observed and what people have said, there is little to no chance that Arsenal will ever be competitive again. Maybe IO will ha e some use. Unless they give us flat damage increase, it will be just more of the same I'm afraid.