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Please dont take away abilities in 7.0

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Please dont take away abilities in 7.0

CheesyEZ's Avatar

10.11.2021 , 09:39 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post
There is an inconsistency in this argument. For example, dps have too many dcd's as you say. I can get behind that. But even tanks have to reduce their dcd's to pretty much to the same degree.
there's nothing remotely inconsistent in this argument. the only role that is pretty much locked into its role is healing. tanks do too much dps (vis-a-vis their ability to take dmg). dps do too much self-healing and/or have too many dcds, mobility enhancements, and/or immunity perks.

the argument is power creep. and the power creep in these areas is undeniable and out of control. it's so bad that the game engine cannot even handle some of the abilities on a regular and practical basis.

you're conflating my argument with what you see on the PTS from BW. I have zero faith in BW to make effective changes across the board. that's a separate issue from the fact that dcds need to be clipped, immunities need to be clipped, movement abilities need drastic rethinking. also, part of the problem you're seeing with tanks is that dps and tanks have access to the same utilities. remember when that happened in the utilities? tanks and dps sharing the same choices means you're going to need to nerf tanks if you nerf dps. it's silly. the shared utilities turns out to not work so well.

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10.12.2021 , 11:40 AM | #12
There are definitely some valid points here about power creep etc...

But I would recommend extreme caution in pruning abilities. I've seen this same situation in other MMOs, and the vast majority of the player base does not react well to an expansion that makes them less powerful and/or removes choices.

On the point of too many dcds and movement utilities for dps, is this perhaps related to a lack of dps utility options? I'm looking at my current sorc utility choices, and I see almost none that would increase my dps. So currently dps choose a bunch of dcds and movement abilities/perks without paying a price in their dps.

I think the correct response may be separate utility options for tanks vs. dps vs. heals. Seems like it would be a lot easier to balance that way (they could still have some shared options, just not identical options).

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10.18.2021 , 11:31 PM | #13
Counterpoint: Yes, please do take some abilities away. There are just too many and I'm sick of searching around my hotbars for stuff that can definitely double up.

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10.19.2021 , 07:31 AM | #14
I know it’s cool to prune abilities, but it actually sucks. Do NOT follow WoW’s example—that game has killed itself. I enjoy the complexity of things as they are. Not saying don’t balance the game, balance it, but taking away things just to make it more user friendly is a mistake that WoW made that should not be repeated in every single MMO I play. This problem follows me around, lmao. Keep the complexity, please.
The Mist Legacy

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10.19.2021 , 07:36 AM | #15
I have the feeling that with the loss of so many defensive utilities biochem becomes more dominant than it's anyway. The need for Adrenals, Stims will rise sharply.

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10.19.2021 , 11:16 AM | #16
off the top of my head, the only significant pruning I can come up with is removing Phasewalk from sins.

every other attempt to "fix" balance/dcd/CC/utility issues is to pile new abilities/utilities on top of existing ones.

now snipers have a teleport. why in holy hell does the ultimate area control class have a teleport? it's just so ridiculously random.

between basic abilities and utility points, sins and maras can make themselves immune to (almost all) CC for 11+ seconds. 11 seconds of up time on a target without having to use a CC of your own or your break. at worst, having to pop a soft break (like predation for a root). that's absurd. and oh by the way, here's a tactical so you also get 2 cloaks/camos. really? that's not overkill at all?

take enet for example. mercs were in a sorry state. bad mobility. easily interrupted. no dcds that would force a focus swap (e.g., stealth/reflect/barrier/PW). so what does BW do to make them competitive? electro-net. a single target hinder and snare. don't get me wrong, enet is and always has been an incredibly powerful tool. but out side of a 1v1 kiting scenario, it did absolutely nothing to address a single one of the problems that plagued mercs (dcds). on top of that, they were given the troll movement ability of jet-out (w/e it's called). the "escape" that you can't see where you're going and could just be leaped to immediately afterward. then they added the smokescreen talent to remedy the leap issue, except they put it in a tier where no one in his right mind would ever take the utility.

mercs are the poster child for BW's track record of BAD DECISIONS and then fixing those bad decisions by adding to the arms race. it's true of (virtually) every class. when mercs were clearly over powered in 5.x (finally the CDs to stand and fight b/c god knows they can't move), then also have top tier burst. instead of pruning or tweaking DCD/utility choices? BW nerfed their dmg. now all anyone has to do is CC or aoe when they pop a dcd and then lul at the weak arse dps the merc does. when all they needed to do was have to choose between reactive shield 40% heal utility and the kolo overload utility. force that choice, and their dcds are typical non-stealth/non-escape dcds.

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10.19.2021 , 10:18 PM | #17
Just another player of the many who agrees with the OP title.