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[Biochem] How to make a profit in Biochem

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[Biochem] How to make a profit in Biochem

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02.13.2020 , 07:45 PM | #1
So, on my main I have painstakingly got Biochem, Bioanalysis and Diplomacy to 700/700. For a relatively new player with little income that was hard on the old credit purse. I also have purchased the reusable schematics from the Oddesen vendor.

To my dismay however, I checked the GTN and saw that reusable stims and medpacks sell for only 150k each. BEaring in mind items such as Iokath Recombinators are required to make the medpac for example (the IR costs around 250k apiece) it is clear to me that making high-end reusable biochem products is not profitable.

So what is? What should I be crafting to make money? I'm not rich by any means and need to make an in-game living. Was biochem a mistake to choose? I'm an immortal jugg and was told that biochem is the best hands down for my class.

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02.14.2020 , 01:59 AM | #2
Biochem is the most popular crew skill because of the reusable stims not because it's a huge moneymaker. You only need one set of re-usable stims/adrenals/medpacks for all your alts; so the demand for them is limited as well.

The Odessan re-usable schematics are the obsolete tier 10s. Most of the ones for sale on the GTN are leftovers from pre 6.0, when the costs to craft them were much lower.

You might want to try crafting the purple (one-time use) tier 10 stims and adrenals (get the blue versions from the trainer, and deconstruct them for the purple versions). Check the GTN to see what the going rate for them is and if it's worthwhile crafting them or not.

I don't advise trying to learn the tier 11 schematics, especially if credits are an issue for you. The tier 11 crafting is a lot more complicated and time-intensive than the tier 10 crafting was.
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02.14.2020 , 11:16 PM | #3
Current tier are Kyrprax, although the grade 10 stims are still viable... the trick to making money at biochem is purely volume at this point, and "good enough" items rather than top tier which are just too expensive to make reliably.
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