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No farms on Dromund Kaas?

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04.11.2021 , 01:49 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Katpoohtoo View Post
Perhaps how one answers depends on their own experience. I live in Sacramento, California and it doesn't take a long drive out of the city to see agriculture. Our farms are not on the other side of the planet. And about the roads; why are they all broken up? I understand why Corellia and Balmorra would have bombed roads, but I haven't yet come across a planet that had intact surface streets. I don't include Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa because their roads are skyways or within buildings. But broken up surface roads seem to be a galaxy-wide theme. Belsavis' roads should not be broken up because the battle going on there is with escaped convicts who do not (or do they?) have the military power to blow the roads to smithereens. I don't know the technological history of Voss as to determine why they allowed their roads to fall into disrepair. And the fact that Voss is so close to Dromund Kaas and yet was just recently discovered is a bit of a puzzler. Shouldn't Voss be a lonely outer-rim planet to make its late discovery plausible? The only excuse I can find for the galaxy-wide broken roads is that vehicles requiring contact with the surface had been technologically passé for a long long time.
They don't really need intact road surfaces in star wars because ground vehicles aren't really a thing. They are guides only, the incentive to keep them perfect doesn't really exist. Shuttles are used to transport goods or larger amounts of poeple and speeders do the rest, none of which have actual wheels that travel road surfaces.


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04.11.2021 , 08:54 PM | #22
From what I recall, DK was left wild to further the Sith “survival of the fittest” mindset. Whether the whole planet is supposed to be that way (effectively making it as impractical as Coruscant) or if there are “off screen” areas that are normal, I don’t know. But it seems like the Capitol is stuck in the middle of the jungle.

KOTET implies that the planet has extreme weather. That might make it unfeasible to farm.

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04.11.2021 , 10:08 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Ranadiel_Marius View Post
Well they do expressly state that half of Coruscant's food comes from Uphrades and mention that Coruscant is going to have to start food rationing immediately upon the discovery that Uphrades was destroyed. So they do mention it, they just don't linger on it for long.
It totally flied over my head lol

But yeah, they never make it a real thing, and one planet responsible for half of the capital's food supply just sounds fake. No capital works like that. It's unwise in peacetime, it's more unwise in wartime. KOTxx at least made the recourse crisis more (superficially) realistic because they mentioned the heavy tribute many times and it's consistent throughout the expansions, I can imagine the lose of a single agriculture planet would make a huge impact during that time.