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Vigilance Guardian FOCUS

Virchaw's Avatar

09.14.2021 , 08:29 PM | #1
Trying out some alts and liking Vigilance Guardian. However, occasionally I get Focus limited. Nothing serious but wondering whether this is an issue in extended fights. It appears Narrowed Focus, Combat Focus, Strike and Defiance are the main generators. Although I am not seeing Strike as recommended in the rotation and not sure if I should take Defiance. Am I missing something - are there other generators or are they sufficient?

mike_carton's Avatar

09.15.2021 , 09:46 AM | #2
You'd start combat with "Force Leap" to a target and that generates 3 Focus. Then activate "Combat Focus" for 6 more Focus. Your "Sundering Strike" is an attack that generates 5 Focus and puts an armor debuff on the enemy. Your every eighth attack can be "Sundering Strike" in order to sustain Focus.

"Saber Throw" and Strike for quick-and-dirty Focus generation when fighting trash mobs.

I take "Narrowed Focus" but not Defiance; YMMV.
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