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Is SWTOR closer to full canon?

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Is SWTOR closer to full canon?

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05.10.2021 , 09:19 AM | #11
Honestly the way they could explain Swtor being cannon or not is supposedly how Favreau and Filoni are treating the sequel trilogy of being a alternate timeline due to the "World Between Worlds." 1 of the vast infinite alternate realities we get. Some characters were made canon again while others have not 1 way or another. But it would not take much for it to be canon all it would take is it to be referenced in whatever they are planning. Now there maybe a fixed set of events which are canon and others that aren't

The issue is with the storytelling of a MMO or RPG unless fixated linear there is a small chunk that would be cannon while others are not basically like Kotor and Kotor 2 had a lot of things that were not canon. Revan and Meetra's genders being neutral, somethings that happened in the storyline never actually happened and choices that are made.

The bones of swtor could be made canon while the events/choices unless they say were alternate timelines would not be canon.