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Guild Recruitment: Buddyhood Empire

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Guild Recruitment: Buddyhood Empire

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03.04.2021 , 03:42 AM | #1

Guild Name: Buddyhood Empire
Classification: Social
Guild level: 57
Size: Small ↓100
Server: Darth Malgus
Faction: Imperial
Flagship: 3 unlock, 3 perks, +15% xp, +15% Reputation, +10% Renown
About: A group of both new and returning players that are in the game to enjoy it together - be it via. chat or voice, solo or in groups, we strive to help each other.
We are lighthearted and would rather have fun wiping several times, than be too serious about the game - as one of my officers say: *"it is just ones and zeros!"*

We are looking for similar minded people to join the Buddyhood: Active social friendly players!

world bosses
special guild events (Swoop contest - HK-51 Gathering, Flashpoint Speed Run contests, Hide 'n Seek etc.)
Operations -Currently Story mode only-
... and more together!

It is my intention, to always keep our guild **small** - I feel that having a too big guild will make it hard to know each other. Right now, we will limit memberships to 50 active legacies and later maybe increase it, but never beyond 100.

Contacts in-game: Game kNíght, Draazi Prime, Mordring or Shadowzenon
Discord: - Write a @SW:TOROfficer in the #new-recruits channel

Join the derp side, we have cookies!
Did I help? Please use my referal link
Guild Leader of the Buddyhood Empire
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