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Kotor II--Kreia and the Handmaiden

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Kotor II--Kreia and the Handmaiden


07.28.2021 , 01:47 PM | #1
A number of people have speculated that Kreia in Kotor II is actually former Jedi Master Arren Kae, who originally trained Revan and who allegedly was killed in the Battle of Malachor V. Interestingly Kreia was originally Darth Traya who ran the Trayus Sith Academy on Malachor and came to prominence after Malak's defeat. Arren Kae also had an affair with Echani general/politician Yusanis and the Handmaiden was their daughter. Kreia oddly seems to know a lot about Echani combat styles and culture and also knows a lot about Arren Kae's story, claiming the Jedi separate ppl from their families. She seems to tie this in with what the Jedi did to Arren Kae after casting her out of the order and that supposedly they took Kae's daughter from her. Kreia also seems to heavily despise Atris, who raised her daughter and Yusanis' other daughters. This brings two things to mind for me regarding Kotor II:

1) Assuming the popular fan theory is correct about Kreia being Arren Kae, is she actually the Handmaiden's mother?
2) If so, does Kreia's disdain for Atris come partly from the Jedi Council having taken her daughter from her and from Atris possibly having a role in it (hence why she considers Atris a "threat" and constantly tries to play Atris and the Exile against each other)?

Please share your thoughts on this

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07.28.2021 , 04:02 PM | #2
I'd say it's distinctly possible, though in fairness, Atris is a character that is really easy to disdain.

The arrogance, the hypocrisy... oh so stereotypical of the worst qualities of the Jedi
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07.29.2021 , 06:53 AM | #3
When asked about it Chris Avellone, lead designer on KotOR 2, said, "Can't comment, but good catch. Sorry." The general consensus is that Kreia was originally intended to be Arren Kae, but that was changed at some point in development and the subtle clues implying that were left in due to KotOR 2's rushed development.

But, if Kreia is Arren Kae then yes, that would make Kreia Brianna's mother. Kreia is supposed to be approximately 50 years old in KotOR 2, and Brianna is 25 (born 3976 BBY, KotOR 2 set in 3951 BBY), so the ages fit.

With regard to Kreia's animosity toward Atris. That could be due to any number of reasons. Certainly possible that is has to due with Brianna. We know Atris was on the Council prior to 3964 BBY, but we do not know exactly when Atris joined the Council. It is also possible that it is simply due to Kreia's hatred of the Jedi, as well as Kreia's desire to isolate Meetra, and playing off of the history that exists between Meetra and Atris, in order to use Meetra for Kreia's own ends.
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