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Hi! New player here and the game has completely broken

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Hi! New player here and the game has completely broken

Engipeer's Avatar

01.14.2022 , 11:14 PM | #1
Hi! I'm a new player (fairly new) and I was doing the quest for the padawan near the beginning and when I tried to talk to malavai quinn for the first time it bugged out and now whenever I log on to the server it kicks me. I would really appreciate some help because this game is quite fun. Also apparently I can transfer my character to a different server but for 1000 cartel coins...

JediQuaker's Avatar

Yesterday , 12:30 PM | #2
Are your various drivers up to date?
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Yesterday , 01:48 PM | #3
You could try the following:

1. Close the game

2. Delete the game's cache file DiskCacheArena; it is located in the swtor subfolder in the folder where you installed the game (something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Wars - The Old Republic\swtor"). The game will re-create it.

3. If you use standalone launcher, start the game and log in, go to Settings (pull down the menu next to your account name at top-right) and choose Repair.

4. If you play via Steam, see check your file integrity
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