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Can't to switch back combat style

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Can't to switch back combat style

MichaelSneider's Avatar

08.11.2022 , 01:53 PM | #1
I played for the sith-juggernaut, after completing the quest I got 2 Marauder combat style. I switched to the Marauder, but I can't switch back to the Juggernaut. Error: you no longer have access to this loadout's combat style. Would you like to save over this loadout? What to do?

Night-runner's Avatar

08.12.2022 , 06:53 AM | #2
Did your subscription expire recently?
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SteveTheCynic's Avatar

08.12.2022 , 08:30 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Night-runner View Post
Did your subscription expire recently?
If so, that would be very recent, so that OP's browser hasn't had time to toss its cookies yet. (only subs can post on the forum, although until the logged-in cookie expires, usually a few days after the sub ends, you can still post)
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