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Stat Equations

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08.02.2019 , 04:54 AM | #21
b^=1-1/b~ Base of the exponential function, so

a*(1- (b^)^(x/75) ) = a*(1- (1-1/b~)^(x/75) ) = a*(1- (1-1/a)^(x/75/c) )



a = 30
b~ = 63.22
b^ = 0.984 18
c = 2.126



a = 50
b~ = 63,81
b^ = 0.984 33
c = 1.279



a = 50
b~ = 53.27
b^ = 0.981 23
c = 1.066

Also looked into crit and alacrity again:


Same Datapoints as before

a = 30
b~ = 44.84
b^ = 0.977 70
c = 1.503


Same Datapoints as before

a = 30
b~ = 59.95
b^ = 0.983 32
c = 2.015

Didn't validate those numbers yet though

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08.04.2019 , 01:22 AM | #22
Okay I will give it a test in a day or so...

Quote: Originally Posted by DarthBryn View Post
Looks like they have changed again for 1.5 PTS release, 1725 Acc now gives 110.63% & 1617 gives 110.13% as an example.
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08.04.2019 , 01:28 AM | #23
See 7:31 post about how it impacts bolster. Expertise is strictly a stat math derivative and bolster is only good if you gear like a PvEer, but if you gear like a pvper, accuracy is hardly used in REGs and Ranked still uses 100% not even 110% additionally the cross stating of Tanks and Healers to dps makes these classes overpowered especially in teams with similar classes, i.e, two sorcs and two juggs on one team or MERCs omg an all MERC team is invincible, test it yourself... if you do not PvP then you may not see it until its in action.
And, no matter how much you think Juggs and Guardians are the hero of the game. That is not the Star Wars way. Balance is the Star wars way even on the dark side. While they try to tip the balance to benefit them in the end the story still says, BALANCE and that means amongst all classes not just the SERVER or Dev favorites.

Quote: Originally Posted by Amunra-amunray View Post
The specialization of character customization. And the change in how stat equations impact specific stats. i.e. accuracy currently is invaluable in regs, but needs some in Ranked etc. The bolster really messes with standardized stats and those who have PvPed since launch know this and just cheat the bolster system. Unless we just remove Bolster from Ranked and allow them to test in unranked zones as they have normally. But, I do not foresee this happening. PvE gear never balances with PvP bolster and most of the time requires a few pieces to be altered during play of PvP vs PvE and then there is of course the Naked Bolster... where toons go in with just their relics... just some concepts to consider when altering stat numbers...
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08.16.2019 , 12:20 PM | #24
**Edit: Post had some bad info, sorry

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08.23.2019 , 06:50 AM | #25
I have without the companion accuacy buff :
1808 10%

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08.31.2019 , 11:47 PM | #26
looks like the greased lightning is giving around 9% buff at 5 stacks.

i used an ability that doesnt have a range (corrosive dart) and with the elemental buff it was hitting for 1795 wihout the tactical. a rotation of just corrosive dart, corrosive grenade and rifle shot (to make sure i was getting 1 hit every second) i was getting 1955 ticks for the non crits. For grenade i was getting 1394 without the greased lightning and 1524 with.