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So could we have a romancable male Force-user (after all those years)?

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So could we have a romancable male Force-user (after all those years)?

DomiSotto's Avatar

11.03.2015 , 09:44 AM | #21
I just play male FU that are dashing or dangerous. All my male chars would make by far more fun RIs than any of the companions. Sometimes it's fun to RP the associated female companion and the Mainchar. I self-inserted as Vette for my Juggernaut. Was more fun than all 8 'proper' romances combined.

I doubt Bio will create a romance that would feel awesome for me. In my digital love-life I am into the whole on the razor's edge, no holds barred, no commitments no promises, and short, snappy love-scenes during the hair-rising adventure rather than those docile 'get to know you better' convos on the ship about going on a date and like, really caring. That will jus put too much emphasis on the romance and stuff.

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11.03.2015 , 11:07 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
I would love a male romanceable Force User. Preferably someone with authority, and a mega awesome voice. Like Marr.

Or Vowrawn. My Sorc would love Vowrawn.

Ravage is so peevish. I dislike him immensely.

Vowrawn does have that mildly charming urbanity, but my favorite will always be Marr. I can't even bring myself to go through KotFE with my Sorcerer just yet, because of the... bad thing.
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11.03.2015 , 11:19 AM | #23
My favourite male character in this game will always be Talos Drellik, fave Force-sensitive? Vowrawn, without a doubt.
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Quote: Originally Posted by mrsrachelm View Post
LOL!!! Omg, that is the best analogy ever!

athenaprime's Avatar

11.03.2015 , 12:19 PM | #24
Actually what we have are:
-A traitorous suck-up and social climber who's put all his money against you surviving
-A commitment phobic pirate with a parade of unfinished business and dropped contracts following him
-A womanizing doctor with a savior complex and frequent flyer miles at every strip joint from the core to the outer rim
-A soldier with a discipline problem and a dead-end career who seems sane until you realize he's a weirdness magnet (including you)
-A nice enough diplomat if you don't mind sharing him with 4 billion of his closest friends (and NEVER getting the security deposit back on your apartment because bedbugs, chair bugs, table bugs, bugs bugs bugs!)
-A space cowboy who's never been off the farm but is still a part-time drug mule and who talks to his ordinance
-A meat head with a psychotic streak and something to prove
-A cat who, while sane enough, still presents a serious ethical breach as your direct report on the chain of command
-And a nice Mandalorian boy who can't use pronouns, but who really likes toast. And who may or may not have Daddy Issues.

On the whole, not exactly a Parade of Sanity here. But the gents fare little better. You can choose from:
-Your student, who's only periodically possessed by a crusty old immortal geezer and made to do terrible things
-A pirate princess who's more mercenary than you and is trying to start a coup
-A mercenary with anger management issues who killed her last boyfriend
-A direct report in the chain of command who is both a turncoat (career-killer right there) and a stickler who insists on filling out the appropriate forms before every date (although in the grander scheme of things, is still quite safe to bring home to Mother)
-An underage, recently-orphaned untrained apprentice
-Your underage property (with or without the extra spice of a forced-consent collar)
-Your sheltered student who's never been let out in public for more than five minutes at a time (but only if you unlock her psychotic side)
-A backstabbing anarchist who's just as likely to end your dates by pimping you out or stabbing you as she is to give you a goodnight kiss
-A spy in training with an Electra complex and a trail of identity theft evidence in her wake
-A delusional apprentice, but first you have to teach her what a date is, then indulge her while she tilts at windmills, and all the time through, you're still tap-dancing and hoping she doesn't discover the bodies in your closet (or the ghosts of Grumpy Old Men in your head or what happened the last time you were in a Master-apprentice relationship)
But at least there's Mako. Nice, normal Mako. All six of her.

Quote: Originally Posted by Axcalion View Post
Let's be honest, most romance options for females suck.

Nefla's Avatar

11.03.2015 , 12:23 PM | #25
Lord Scourge should have been romanceable <3, throw Doc out an airlock.

Axcalion's Avatar

11.03.2015 , 12:29 PM | #26
Indeed, a pity Scourge wasn't romancable. Also, most male companions including Theron and Koth would have been tossed out fo the airlock or force lightninged to death if I was allowed to do that. I also really liked Draahg, it was very unfortunate I couldn't make him defect.

DomiSotto's Avatar

11.03.2015 , 12:37 PM | #27
See, weird and creepy, I don't mind. Boring though is inexcusable. And all options for the female PC are irredeemably boring. Plus it's an SW game. Not being able to romance a Sith or a Jedi is like going to McDonalds for their salad.

Darth-Obvious's Avatar

11.03.2015 , 12:53 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Axcalion View Post
He isn't romancable. And he is a failed jedi and doesn't use lightsaber anymore. Besides, he is a fish so you can't kiss him.
Except Gus is now known as "Shiny Jedi Man" in 4.0 and is on Nar Shaddaa. He will use his lightsaber when he becomes a companion at some point in the future. Most likely through an alert.

Axcalion's Avatar

11.03.2015 , 02:07 PM | #29
Perhaps, but he's still a fish and not romancable, besides I wouldn't want to date him.

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11.03.2015 , 02:17 PM | #30
We do have one in
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