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Amassing credits via crew skills

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Amassing credits via crew skills

_Napalm_Death's Avatar

04.10.2021 , 06:42 PM | #1
Sup, so as the title says, i'm looking for tips and advice for making credits via crew skills, So i just finished the sorceror story(about time), so looking to amass credits now, as some of you know, i'm trying to get enough together for the Dark Legionaire or Tulak Hord set, both which often goes for about 150mil or more on the gtn, So far splicing seems viable maybe? Any advice would be helpful
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Fdzzaigl's Avatar

04.13.2021 , 09:00 AM | #2
I'm only dabbling in it myself but having a bunch of various crafting professions helps a lot.

What I personally do in a week when I decide to start crafting is start off by doing a good two hours of farming on Onderon for scavenging / bioanalysis and archaeology (lake on the northeast of the map on imperial) and slicing / scavenging in Iziz on the rep side. This will net me a lot of mats for pretty much anything.

Then I craft as many purple quality stims and adrenals of varying sorts on my biochem character and sell them near weekends or after server reset when the demand is the highest. Then I also craft and sell a bunch of blue ones for good measure.

On my other chars I will make augmentation kits, blue augments and also purple augments if i get enough legendary embers from running the missions the slicing will get me.

Then I also sometimes convert all the green jawa scrap I amass doing FP's into invasion forces (you can buy the required mats for it with the scrap on the fleet cartel market section, jawa vendor). That's a bit more complicated and requires different professions.
I tried then also crafting those invasion forces into dark projects but found this pretty cost ineffective given that you need to buy a material for 260K to do that.

My other scrap (blue and purple) I sometimes craft into universal prefab kits. These sell ok as well, but more slowly.

So far I've been doing crafting on and off, I've slacked a few weeks focusing only on FP's and leveling characters / enjoying the story. But in two months I'm sure I amassed about 250 million. Much of that money I re-invested into getting companions up to level 50 to get more crafting crits and gearing various characters. So I'm left with about 170 million now.

You can obviously also make a lot of money playing the auction house and selling deco's and other stuff. But the working man's life in SW:TOR is definitely possibly.

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