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Returning player with a question.

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Returning player with a question.

Permajinx's Avatar

07.27.2021 , 09:20 PM | #1
I discontinued playing swtor a few years ago and picked it back up this year.
I reapplied my subscription but I've had an issue with it., steam and even my email says I'm a subscriber (got the confirmation email and all), but the game still says I'm preffered.
I can't find the same issue with a cursory (about an hour) search as most people don't have the website telling them their status has been updated.

Everywhere I can check except the game itself says I should have all the benefits.....but I definitely don't.

Edit to add my question:
Is there anything on my end I can really do about this, or am I just waiting?

Sounders_Fan's Avatar

07.28.2021 , 02:07 PM | #2
I have never subscribed via Steam. when subscribing via the SWTOR website, getting subscriber access has been pretty much instant.

I would suggest contacting customer service as something isnt working and my guess would be that is either on steam or EA/Bioware