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Game crashing randomly a method to try to avoid it happening in the future.

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Game crashing randomly a method to try to avoid it happening in the future.

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05.13.2022 , 07:43 AM | #1
Notice some gamers are having issue with swtor the old republic crashing to the desktop during concern missions.

i found the problem for me was the way two or more updates were installing at the same time so i follow this method now before you even update swtor the old republic.

Before following this step below make sure your modem is not receiving firmware update if you have not restarted your modem in the last month do so before commencing the below.

1) Turn off Windows defender ransomware Protection if in use or your Anti-virus folder protection feature

(just remember to turn it back on after you updated the game and launched it).

2) Check and update any third party device drivers like onboard intel graphic

>>>>Do a System restore point then restart computer<<<<

3) Check and update web browsers like google and edge
4) Check and update Windows store
5) Check and update Windows operating system

>>>>Do a System restore point then restart computer<<<<

"Wait for your computer to settle down around 10 minutes this allows index to update its data base"

6) Check and update your external graphic card drivers if available do a fresh install via the custom settings of the graphic app installer not the express this will remove older graphic driver and other feature not copy over the top of them which does lead to corrupt drivers and apps over time.
7) Check and update any third party Apps like Adobe etc.

>>>Once you applied all these do system restore point again then restart your computer<<<

"Wait for your computer to settle down once back at the desk top"

8) Now for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users recheck the Windows update again for Windows defender security definitions and Windows Net framework 3.5 to 4.8 if they are presence update and restart your computer.

>>>>>>>>>Some windows 10 or 11 users who have bios setting to virtual disk feature and use hyper-v will need to check administrative tools under service for virtual disk is started and on automatic as occasionally Net framework turns it off after major update so you will need to restart it you can tell if the service is stop your computer becomes sluggish and compatible issues start popping up <<<<<<<<<

9) Once back at the desktop and after the computer settle down a bit you can now launch and update Swtor the old republic do not interrupt it.
10) After the game is updated do system restore point, if your using Windows defender ransomware protection feature or anti-virus program time is now to regauge it and restart your computer again.

"""""""allow the computer to boot into Windows desktop and all icons load include those in the show hidden icon on the task bar and for the anti-virus or Windows defender to do its initial scan in back ground usually takes around 5 to 10 minutes"""""""""

You can not do another manual system restore point or directly launch the game swtor and play it.

This should now prevent issue with crashing to the desktop during missions which is likely caused by two installation completing for the same share file in use leading to issue of swtor the old republic data file for that practical area of the game and its very annoying if you do not have a good restore point and or backup of your computer that allows you to undo that issue your virtual stuff.

that means uninstalling game deleting cache folders etc reinstalling it if the problem worsen over time.