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08.25.2021 , 07:13 AM | #1
Hello there,

is there any kind of basic list of where I can see all of Mods-Enhancements-Armors? in Swtor 6.3.x?

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09.28.2021 , 08:35 PM | #2

There is a pretty neat char planner, some of the stuff is out of date but still has the armors mods enhs

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09.28.2021 , 09:35 PM | #3

It's important you consider whether you're geaaring for capped or uncapped content, because you want a different gear set for each. Capped content is where you'll spend a lot of time currently (where the game sets your level to 70) and would use the following:
Armorings - Doesn't matter, your endurance/mastery ratio has no effect
Mods - Lethal mods do nothing for you compared to Warding Mods. Ideally Warding Mod R-20 for 366 defense, but basic Warding Mods for 339 are a start.
Enhancements - R1s with 451 tertiary stat (alacrity/enhancement/crit) are the ideal. This also applies for tanking, where R1s offer 451 tertiary for them (shield/absorb).
Also, remember that earpieces/implants have a basic version (Sha'tek, with 431 tertiary) and a more advanced/rarer version (Mantellian, 441 variant not the 433 one)

In uncapped content you'd focus on the power stat
Armorings - 471 mastery
Mods - R2/R3/R5 variant offer the best overall allocation. While the R1s have highest power, they charge you 3 mastery for 2 power over the R2 which isn't worth paying.
Enhancements - This one I'm not positive on. If you are a 1.4 gcd build you'd end up around 3400 crit with basic 285/313/431 enhancements that wastes alacrity and accuracy points to a degree at least 1 of each will want to be R-19 for the highest budget, but it could be that the majority of your enhancements want to be R-19s that have 285/359/392.