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Early 7.0 PvP rankings...

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Early 7.0 PvP rankings...

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10.20.2021 , 09:58 AM | #1
Since weve now seen all classes and thire tress, even without all the mirrors and final adjustments, im curious how people think the rankings will fall PvP wise?

If you had to rank all classes based on what we know now, where you you rank them? Has anyone taken a big jump or fall or is it pretty much the same meta?
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10.20.2021 , 03:49 PM | #2
This is an interesting topic. I have been wondering about it recently. The short answer is that we donít know yet because (a) we donít know what the new set bonus/tacticals will be like and (b) itís possible that they will make changes which radically either boost or sink any given class. However, to entertain your inquiry and considering what we have so far, I think the meta remains more or less the same. The nerf is quite even: strong classes will remain strong; weak classes will be even weaker. Furthermore, we have to consider the type of content in question, so my insight will be exclusively from a PvP and DPS perspective. In short, without going into much detail, this is what I consider the list might be:


In this mode, having the ability to stealth or escape determines this tier.

1. Operative
2. Sorcerer
3. Assassin
4. Marauder
5. Sniper
6. Mercenary
7. Powertech
8. Juggernaut


In this mode, damage and rotating DCDs determine this tier.

1. Powertech
2. Marauder
3. Sniper
4. Juggernaut
5. Sorcerer
6. Mercenary
7. Operative
8. Assassin
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