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Official Voss Lore/Theories Thread

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Official Voss Lore/Theories Thread


05.10.2021 , 01:33 AM | #1
Here's my history of Voss in terms of its significant events and the Voss-Gormak relationship from what I've pieced together. Feel free to comment
The Gormak were the original species on Voss. Sith arrived several thousand yrs ago and enslaved them, also building the Dark Heart as a Sith Shrine. Jedi Masters named Rosso, Vallis, Yan-De, and Kun arrived and were reluctantly persuaded by Gormak elders, including Damek-Ol and Nemok-Ta, to instruct them in the Force. These Gormak and their tribes followed the Jedi, called themselves “Voss,” and settled the city of Quel-Dora. They defeated the Sith and claimed the Dark Heart, but fell gradually to the Dark Side. Their focus on prophetic power was developed in the Chamber of Ashes where many ancient Voss prophecies were written based on force visions they had. A leader named Dal-Rin also developed the Forbidden Ritual, which involved a Voss and Gormak working together to heal the mind of nightmares and spiritual torment through use of a “dream-rock,” but it was eventually lost.
One of their leaders, named Sel-Makor, became powerful enough that he became a Force entity similar to Tenebrae/Vitiate. He channeled his power through a Dashade and an Abyssin servant of the earlier Sith and they became his “Avatars” where he trapped Damek-Ol & Nemok-Ta’s spirits and fed off their power. A series of rituals in the Deep Cradle of the Dark Heart resulted in the Voss quickly evolving into a separate species over successive generations which further divided them from their cousins. Mystics eventually had a vision in the Deep Cradle pointing them to a mountain to settle on; their people abandoned Quel-Dora and the Dark Heart, which came to be seen as symbols of failure and mistakes, and built the new capital of Voss-Ka on the mountain. The Shrine of Healing replaced the Dark Heart in all purposes and their links with the Gormak were forgotten. The Gormak viewed the Voss and their force-users w/ suspicion like they did the Sith, and constant conflict resulted, feeding Sel-Makor. The region around the Dark Heart became the Nightmare Lands and were corrupted, viewed as a “blight” by Voss and Gormak alike.
Outnumbered, the Voss were advised by Mystic Dajek-To to survive and defend themselves rather than wipe out the Gormak, which he deemed impossible. Society became wholly dependent on Mystics and their visions for survival, as well as their healing rituals, at the expense of other force abilities. Mystic Madaga-Ru argued they only “see what they want to see” and was exiled as a hermit. Mar-Da, another Mystic, rediscovered the Forbidden Ritual but his order of Dream-Walkers were also deemed outcasts. Force-sensitive Voss who didn’t have visions were deemed “failed Mystics” and were ostracized. The Sith Lord Beldiss tried to recruit the failed Mystics as Sith but the Republic thwarted this attempt and defeated him. Mystics tightly controlled Voss culture and society with decisive views on the future (displeasing the Jedi, who believed in an open future), which they believed made their people stronger and enabled their survival over the years because they did what was necessary to make the visions come true. They even hand-picked the governing body (the Three) to delegate their decisions.
A few yrs ago Agent Albathius, the Star Cabal’s enforcer, infiltrated Voss society by forging a prophecy about himself in the Chamber of Ashes and partaking of all their rituals and honors, convincing them to remain neutral in the war between the Republic and Empire for a time in order to see them and the Gormak fall. This was later exposed by Imperial Intelligrence Agent Cipher Nine upon investigation.
Despite an imperial attempt to invade, the Voss easily defeated them which forced them into seeking diplomatic means to secure a Mystic whom the Emperor could use to have visions of the future. They eventually captured a Mystic who became the Emperor's Voice, but Darth Baras trapped him in the Dark Heart in his attempt to seize power and the Emperor was only freed when his Wrath came and killed the Voice, whose body was nearly stolen by Sel-Makor.
A Gormak leader named Jokull traveled to the Nightmare Lands and met Sel-Makor’s Avatars, who convinced him the Voss and all outside influence were the source of corruption on the planet and gave him the ability to see visions. He united most Gormak tribes under his leadership as King. They built the Gormak Cannon, a large weapon aimed at Voss-Ka, and the Gormegan-1, the first Gormak spacecraft which Jokull intended to use to leave the planet for conquest. Both were destroyed and he was dethroned by the Voss as they enlisted aid from both Republic and Empire. They learned off his visions and sent people from both sides to find answers. Both Avatars of Sel-makor were destroyed and both sides learned the truth. Despite imperial sabotage of Jedi Master Orbis Keln and General Thelonia Redrish’s attempts to bring out the truth, the Voss eventually learned of their roots with the Gormak and strove to make peace with them, despite some Mystics (Gaden-Ko, Talsa-Ko) supporting either side.
Emperor Tenebrae/Vitiate enlisted Lord Fulminiss to perform a ritual that would allow Sel-Makor to consume the entire planet. This was thwarted by the Hero of Tython, a Jedi knight who was aided by Mystic Valen-Da and commando Tala-Reh who sacrificed herself and defeated Sel-Makor to save the planet according to his vision.
Voss and Gormak were fully allied by the time of the Eternal Empire.

Please share your thoughts

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05.10.2021 , 07:19 AM | #2
I would say that the Voss-Gormak alliance was less "fully" than you suggest. Yes, they work together, but there seems to be still an undertone of grumpy subhostility. The habits of centuries die hard, I guess.

All in all, a good summary of the known lore. Nice.
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05.10.2021 , 10:29 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
I would say that the Voss-Gormak alliance was less "fully" than you suggest. Yes, they work together, but there seems to be still an undertone of grumpy subhostility. The habits of centuries die hard, I guess.

All in all, a good summary of the known lore. Nice.
Fair enough on the alliance, and thank you.
As for my theory on the Dark Heart and Sel-Makor's origins, those are what seem to make the most sense. The Dark Heart resembles Sith ruins on Korriban and no other Sith ruins exist, so it can be assumed the Sith who enslaved the Gormak originally built it. A number of chambers/areas in the Dark Heart (Deep Cradle, Chamber of Ashes) are known and still sacred to the Voss, implying that their ancestors who defeated the Sith most likely claimed and studied it's secrets the Sith left behind. Sel-Makor was most likely a rival of the two other elders who were imprisoned in the Avatars, given the Gormak/Voss' hypersensitivity to the Force. He probably "evolved" into a Force-entity the same way Tenebrae/Vitiate did, hence his ability to inhabit bodies in some cases (when he controlled the Emperor's Voice) and even rival the Emperor in terms of power. He most likely became too powerful and greedy and eventually turned on his brethren, which led to the Voss abandoning the area and possibly to the Gormak being more wary of the Voss as a result (perhaps he tried to oppress them)