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Who’s your favorite Sith and Jedi and why?

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Who’s your favorite Sith and Jedi and why?

SlthBounteHuntah's Avatar

01.24.2021 , 04:21 PM | #11
If we go with my head-canon then my favourite Sith is Darth Revan, female. She returns to the dark side during the events of KOTOR and with the empire back in her hands, heads into the Unknown Regions to destroy the Sith Empire.

If we don't go with my head-canon then my favourite Sith would have to be pre-Disney Darth Sidious. He is such an awesome character who rightfully earns the title of most powerful Sith of all time. He brought peace and stability to the galaxy.

My favourite Jedi is Qui-Gon Jinn. As a kid I really liked his character and the way he looked. Liam did a great job with the role and I wish we got more of this character. A lot more.

The Starfleet is a sea. It is endless, cannot be beaten, and given enough time turns even the strongest rocks to sand.

Norel's Avatar

01.29.2021 , 09:56 AM | #12
Favorite Sith, I'd have to say Count Dooku for me. Simply because he was a guy who respected the duelist nature of being a swordsman. He saw those using multiple lightsabers as those who were ust compensating for a lack of skill which was pretty awesome. Also its frickin Christopher Lee who played him. RIP.

Favorite Jedi: Luke Skywalker, I haven't read to much into his role as a jedi after the battle of Endor, but I like his story.

BurnoutAAS's Avatar

02.17.2021 , 08:34 AM | #13
My favorite Jedi would be Corran Horn because it just shows people that you do not need to lift things or push people around. My favorite sith would have to be Darth Krayt his arc is very cool

rashencyberspeed's Avatar

02.18.2021 , 10:56 PM | #14
Overall, my favorite Sith is probably SWTOR's very own Darth Marr. He's probably the ultimate ideal Sith. Evil, yes, but also smart and honorable.

My favorite Jedi is probably Ahsoka. When I was younger, I thought her youthful enthusiasm made her easy to identify with. As the Clone Wars series went on, and I simultaneously grew into adulthood, I enjoyed her arc of discovering the Jedi Order's flaws and responding to them.

Rasafim's Avatar

03.25.2021 , 04:58 AM | #15
For sith and jedi at the same time Darth Vader/Anakin no doubt ^^

myrdinn's Avatar

04.01.2021 , 12:16 PM | #16
Jedi... would be Obi'Wan. About the only thing I would have changed about the fellow, involves a certain Duchess of Mandalore. Of course, that would have left a Skywalker (possibly more than one) without a teaching master... but that might have been good, too.

Sith. That one is a bit harder; depending on whom has the title at the time... the first Darth Traya was delicious in how she set things up... but Darth Marr has the whole style of evil for the... good? survival of the species/Empire down. I do wonder about a timeline wherein he was born in the Republic instead of the Empire, but, hey. Too many Sith are Evilishis for the sake of Evildom, with no... vision. Traya and Marr go beyond that.

vingmotor's Avatar

04.10.2021 , 04:17 AM | #17
darth baras. becouse either you hate him or love him. he got the strongest personality on the game me thinks.
outside the game? darth vader.

ElevenBfour's Avatar

04.26.2021 , 05:00 AM | #18
Darth Maul and either Obi-wan or Qui-gon are my favorite force users. I need to read more on Satele, but I feel like I could really like her.

DarkMatterSlifus's Avatar

04.26.2021 , 09:52 AM | #19
My favorite sith of all time is Darth Nihilus simply because I view him as one of the most powerful in history, my favorite jedi is yoda because why not

If we have to go strictly canon and from the movies my favorite sith would be Darth Maul, as a kid when he ignited that double lightsaber in phantom menace I knew. Also I very much like Darth Vader aka Anakin before he got burned on Mustafar because I could see the potential had he not been defeated.