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Tenebrae, the Emperor, Vitiate, Valkorion: Explained

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Tenebrae, the Emperor, Vitiate, Valkorion: Explained

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05.11.2021 , 09:59 PM | #11
Revan was tortured for centuries as opposed to simply decades. Not to potentially become a future host, but rather to become Darth Revan again (specifically prior to when Revan and Malak broke free of Vitiate's control after the two discovered the Star Forge)

And it was also only after his fight with Revan on DK that Vitiate started possessing people (such as Valkorion) because he realized that he was vulnerable with just one body.

Also, the Empire realized Vitiate didn't care about them prior to Ziost being wiped out.

It was also hinted by Charles Boyd that Vitiate became influenced by Revan's love for Bastila and decided to form a family with Senya prior to the treaty:

I have to say that I'm not sure if Vitiate had 3 voices at the same before he went to Yavin 4. It was mentioned by Servant One that after the Voss Voice was killed after Sel-Makor was pushed back by the SW, they had to prepare a new body for Vitiate to possess. There's no mention of a piece of Vitiate dying: One said it as if the entirety of Vitiate's spirit possessed the Voss. If I remember correctly, it was in fact mentioned in the SW's story on Voss that Vitiate kept the Voss Mystic captive ever since the Empire attacked Voss. Vitiate simply ditched his Human voice after he enslaved the JK and went to Voss after being tricked by Baras to go to the Dark Heart.

If Vitiate had his Human Voice at the same time as his Voss Voice, wouldn't that Voice hunt Baras down? You might say that Baras would have had a chance at defeating the Human Voice if he confronted Baras in the Dark Council Chambers on Korriban for example, but Darth Marr once met with the Emperor's Voice during the first Great War and would recognize what Tenebrae's spirit sounds like under the Vitiate persona, at which point Marr would confirm that the hodded Human is in fact the Emperor before the entire Council destroys Baras.

Another thing I have to bring up is that Charles Boyd mentioned that the ritual he planned for Chapter 3 of vanilla SWTOR was set up to make sure he would become properly immortal and so that Zakuul would survive for eternity. It didn't have anything to do with his immortality being at risk: His spirit wasn't properly immortal after Nathema after all. What he did on Nathema was consume all life into his body, and he would feed on them to stay young. However, his fight with Revan caused Vitiate to realize "Oh that's right, my body is gonna stay young forever but I can still die."

He thought his spirit became truly immortal after Ziost, but well we find out in KOTET that he was wrong.

So the way I look at it is that Tenebrae only ever possessed one person at a time after his fight with Revan. Valkorion>different hosts over the course of centuries>Valkorion>Human Voice who enslaved the JK>Voss after Baras informed him about Sel-Makor>Human again>

Ok here it gets confusing. It was indeed mentioned by Senya that Valkorion had eventually become distant, but at the same time Vitiate was shown on Ziost to be able to possess countless people at the same time...