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Changes and New Features in 7.0

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Changes and New Features in 7.0
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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11.21.2021 , 05:01 AM | #381
I'm just laughing at how TERRIBLY laggy the Rakghoul Tunnel Heroic area is. There's only like 20+ people, imp + rep combined and my skills and frames went to oblivion. I'm just going to sit back and watch as the new weekly change of "rotating" aka forcing people to one specific area will go about.
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11.22.2021 , 06:10 PM | #382
Quote: Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
Weapons in the outfitter. Finally, some good news about 7.0.
Yea, finally some good news for sure about Weapon's being added to Outfit's. Still don't like they took out Combat Proficiencies, as many Class will be far less able to customize, and many feel a lot slower and less fun to play.

Wish they also keep the lost abilities to only 1, and based it more on the Discipline which of the 2 of the former 3 you kept...

Discipline One - Ability A1 & A3
Discipline Two - Ability A2 & A3
Discipline Three - Ability A1 & A2

For example...
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11.22.2021 , 07:20 PM | #383
Quote: Originally Posted by Talon_Sora View Post
I think I also remember Bioware saying the focus will now be on non-moddable gear and mods will only be available for the highest tier of equipment.

Unless and the many forum topics about 7.0 gear are not a reliable source and the multiple videos on YouTube on the subject are fake, this is unfortunately happening.
I suspect it's like 75, where we started at 270 Green, and even Blue Gear often didn't have MOD's. We did see it later come back in Purple Gear at 287 or so? Given that most of PTS has only seen 318 (first level of 80) Gear as everything between 307-317 is likely for levels 76-79.

We had 36 levels from 270-306 with 75, so we'd at least have closer to 38-42 new Item Levels above 318. So that means 355-359 Max Item Level perhaps? Mean's we'll likely not see MOD's again till we get to 335+ (possibly) or at least Purple Gear again!

I really wish they'd explain, and be OPEN about Item Level that's coming in 1-5 months as we work to IMPROVE and Level up! Just don't like they are locking it behind OPERATIONS run only in Master Mode though, though perhaps maybe they will expand it to VET / MASTER as well as Flashpoints.

Running the same Master Operation over and over again is really NOT something most will want to do endlessly to level up character's gear. And people like seeing their characters progress, especially given now without RENOWN it's going to be far slower as well.
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11.23.2021 , 05:32 AM | #384
Any words on the weapon outfitter?
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11.23.2021 , 11:25 AM | #385
Quote: Originally Posted by Alithia View Post
Any words on the weapon outfitter?
They had the interface in place on the PTS but the system itself was non-functional. It is possible it will show up with the launch of 7.0 but more likely will be one of the down the road releases.

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11.23.2021 , 01:30 PM | #386
Quote: Originally Posted by DWho View Post
They had the interface in place on the PTS but the system itself was non-functional. It is possible it will show up with the launch of 7.0 but more likely will be one of the down the road releases.
I’m starting to wonder just how much of the “expansion” is going to be a “down the road release”.

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11.24.2021 , 03:57 PM | #387
So are we just removing the ability for Deception sin to reset Recklessness mid combat, or is Electric ambush going to be changed to reducing the CD of Recklessness by 60 seconds upon using Force Cloak?....This is sounding worse and worse.

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12.20.2021 , 11:34 AM | #388
the only true good point is the rng issue with the goldsellers prices PUT a limit for every objects instead sign that can a goldseller ^^ put limiters so the economy could stable like before....:-)

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12.28.2021 , 12:30 PM | #389
Daily and Weekly Mission Reset

ESPECIALLY for the pvp weekly since is NOT to do 4 run BUT to WIN 4 runs !!!!

the worst thing that you ever done in this game and im mean it the worst !!!!!!!!
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01.14.2022 , 02:11 PM | #390
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

Daily and Weekly Mission Reset
First, we’re making some changes to how Daily and Weekly Missions reset. Currently, uncompleted Daily and Weekly Missions sit in that character’s logs until the Mission is completed. Once the Mission is completed, that character can no longer pick up the Weekly again for that week (or daily for that day).

In 7.0, uncompleted Daily and Weekly Missions will be removed from players once the Daily or Weekly reset time passes (currently Tuesday, 12:00am UTC). The primary reason for this change is that we are restructuring the way we present content each week. Weekly Missions will rotate in availability each week in 7.0, and we want to ensure that all players are on the same Weekly Missions each week in order keep those Mission areas feeling dynamic and filled with other people to group or share Mission credit with. This should result in content like Heroic Missions being completed more quickly and efficiently. You can still access Missions that aren’t a part of the rotation if you choose, they will just have reduced rewards.

Alongside this change we will also introduce a number of quality of life improvements, including auto-completing Missions where we are able to when characters are on the turn-in step.
unless something has changed , this is just ... lol.
i don't even know what to say.
if i got it right : basically if i want to do the 5 vet. FP weekly i have to wait X weeks for it to be available?