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Looking for HM Ops guild

Frunck's Avatar

05.05.2021 , 11:53 AM | #1

I played this game at launch back in 2011-2012. We cleared the first 2 raids on Nightmare, which doesn't seem to exist anymore, and beat the third on HM (I believe it's called Veteran's Mode now) before we quit as Nightmare wasn't released. I would like to experience the rest of the raids now with a fun guild

I used to raid lead and have no problems picking up mechanics, currently gearing up an operative healer.
Please hit me up on discord at Frunckie#4000.

lorddjole's Avatar

05.06.2021 , 10:47 AM | #2
We are large well established PVE Raiding Guild. We offer from easiest content and possibility to learn to progression raiding in hardest content.
Our guild has VM instructional runs for learning ops, NIM instructional runs for learning NIM, 3 NIM progression teams, 1 VM progression teams, NIM raids meant for clears and farming (like pods on TFB, or some titles).
Atmosphere is friendly and non toxic with relaxed raiding and fun. Our prog raids and clear raids are more serious but still no elitism or toxicity.

If u are interested hop into our discord server
Siddiouse AKA Sid
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians