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Gathering Nodes Bugged

Khalindora's Avatar

09.07.2021 , 08:07 PM | #1

and sorry I'm gonna do a HOUSE M.D.!
I don't care if other people complained about this!

Hello SWTOR DEVS!!! FIX those gathering nodes.... that can't be gathered!
Especially those around the JEDI TEMPLE in Coruscant!
Since the last patch it's a nightmare!
It's okay for me... as I don't really need them.
But for new players it's a nightmare!

And it's not one or two nodes... it was 12!!!! that I checked today.
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justahdude's Avatar

09.27.2021 , 09:40 AM | #2
this is one of the OLDEST bugs in the game. for 10 years this bug has gone unfixed.

KaraPeters's Avatar

11.14.2021 , 11:29 AM | #3
More broken harvesting nodes than I have ever seen. They show up on your map but cannot be interacted with.
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Spikanor's Avatar

11.14.2021 , 05:04 PM | #4
maybe its a smart thing to make a thread on the bug report section under general section and who knows how many other players will also report there got the same problem.

and i also got it since i took a few month's break is this bug the first time i have see it since it was before not so some update has creat this type bug.

and its more on all the maps that this problem is

NeoBlakkrstal's Avatar

11.29.2021 , 07:02 PM | #5
Could we maybe, just maybe, fix the stupid glitch with crafting nodes. You can't very well obtain enough materials if over half of the nodes aren't working. This is getting ridiculous. Either fix them, or send out 9999 of each level mats to crafters in compensation for the inability to gather them.
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