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<Elders of the Republic> Guild for Older Players

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<Elders of the Republic> Guild for Older Players

SpinForbidden's Avatar

03.19.2018 , 09:42 PM | #1
<Elders of the Republic> and our sister guild <Elders of the Sith> is a mostly social guild of players who are 40 years of age and older. We have been around since Dec 2015 and are ladies, gentlemen, artisans, laborers, professionals, managers, singles, parents, and grandparents all united by a long-abiding love of Star Wars and the desire for a sensible, patient, and mature community. There are many demands in life and on our time. <Elders of the Republic> and <Elders of the Sith> is here to help make the most of the time we spend playing SWTOR.

While we are primarily a "Social" guild, we run weekly training operations every Friday for our members who want to learn raiding or try new roles and come together to have fun. We regularly participate in conquest and run flashpoints, heroics, and other group content periodically throughout the week. Many of our members also participate in hardmode operations and other, more challenging content.

If you are interested in joining us, please:
  • contact any member in-game by doing a "who" search for "Elders"

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03.26.2018 , 03:24 PM | #2
Who says, "You can't teach an old player new tricks?". Members of <Elders of the Republic> spent several marvelous sessions this past week in a campaign against Izax the Destroyer making it to Phase 4. The demise of the great droid is inevitable. It is his destiny.
If you are an older player looking for a guild that is not afraid to patiently and methodically try new mechanics in the name of good fun and friendship, consider <Elders of the Republic>. Feel free to check out our guild website.

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03.27.2018 , 08:41 AM | #3
This is a very unique guild because it's the first that I've run into where all of our players are over 40. I've been with the guild for 3 years now. We run ops every Friday night and it's a lot of fun!

If you'd like to join, just open your friends/social tab and search for the word "Elders". Someone should be able to help you. You can also apply at our Elders of the Republic website!

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04.03.2018 , 08:22 PM | #4
If you are over 40 and love SWTOR you should join Elders of the Republic. We train people to run operations every Friday night. Just type who: elders in social and ask us to invite you to the guild.

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04.04.2018 , 05:30 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by D_efcon View Post
If you are over 40 and love SWTOR you should join Elders of the Republic. We train people to run operations every Friday night. Just type who: elders in social and ask us to invite you to the guild.
Darn, 29 is too young then. I'm approaching my 30th birthday in June. I'm a Pubside Guardian Tank with a focus on Warzones and GSFs, but I run Flashpoints and Heroics on the side. I'm open to try HM/NiM raiding if people are willing to show me the ropes; I've done a fair bit of raiding in WoW after all. I have Discord/headset as well.

IGN is Lodesamoney

SpinForbidden's Avatar

04.06.2018 , 12:24 AM | #6

Thanks for reading the post and responding to the thread. We do enjoy our training ops which we have done weekly for a couple years now. These are usually conducted in 16-toon mode due to interest. While the guild does have a select group that works on hard-mode raiding, we are not really a progression guild and most of us stick to storymode operations. If you're interested in NiM operations you would have to look elsewhere regardless of your age. We're just a group of older players who enjoy Star Wars, SWTOR, each other's company, and a more moderate challenge.

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04.06.2018 , 05:45 PM | #7
One day when I was exploring the temple ruins on Coruscant with an alt., I saw a message in general chat. It was our first Guildmaster recruiting new mature members. Though I did not respond, I was very intrigued. A few days later I was passing through on my main character and this time I replied. Joining Elders changed the way I played the game, opening up for me a whole new dimension SWTOR. It is because of the wonderful people in the guild and our other friends that my gameplay transitioned from KOTOR 3 to an actual MMOG, from soloing so much content to consistently playing in groups, from having no hope of ever understanding the endgame experience to playing operations and gaining the highest tier gear, and much more.

Today I serve the guild as its Third Guildmaster and I love playing the game with such, kind, helpful, and friendly people. Their patience with me helped me to have more fun in the game and to learn a lot about how to play. Additionally, as a woman I find this a fun and safe place to be. There are many more of us in game then general chat would have you believe. Though I have made my fair share of corrections to childish remarks on the fleet or in a group, so often we are silently present. Our guild has a large percentage of mature, professional women who are very vocal in guild chat and even on Discord. I appreciate that in Elders we play as equals and are treated with respect.
Elders of the Republic & Elders of the Sith

JadedProphet's Avatar

04.07.2018 , 07:09 PM | #8
Please understand that I am not replying in hopes of being invited to your guild. Rather, I want to commend you. Regrettably, in any game, there are too few guilds who treat their members with respect, or who are willing to help their members learn. Too many look at their members merely as statistics to make them look big and active. The members are their to help the guild look good, nothing more.

To hear that you treat your members with equality and respect, and that you help them learn more about the game, brings me great joy. I strive to do the same with my own guild. While we are small, we strive for quality of membership over quantity of members. We treat them as family and help them as much as we can.

Thank you for renewing my faith in the possibility of the actual existence of good guilds and guild leaders. I salute you.

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04.08.2018 , 06:12 PM | #9
Recently returned to the game. Been gone since Rise of the Hutt. This sounds like something I would love to be part of. I do not have any characterson for server but been wanting to start a consular. How open are you to new returning players with extremely low level characters? I do have a boost available but rather not skip any story.

SpinForbidden's Avatar

04.09.2018 , 03:33 PM | #10
Dear ThreeLeos:
Welcome Back! <Elders of the Republic> is primarily a social guild with weekly training raids, and more irregular conquest, flashpoint, and PVP sessions. We're older players who really like StarWars. Most of us joined the game because we like the story and many of us regularly level-up toons just to relive the favorite parts of each class - like re-reading a favorite old book. The only restriction we have on membership is a chronological age of 40+.
As a member of the guild you would have access to our strongholds, guild ship, a nice +10% experience boost, and of course guild chat which is a great resource for questions and recruiting for group content.
On the weekend evenings, we typically have 12- 16 players logged in on the pub-side, with fewer players at other times of the week. We all have jobs, children, (and grandchildren), pets, or other important commitments and know that these take priority over the pleasures of the game. You would be most welcome.
To get an invitation, please type "Elders" into the search line of the "Who" field. All of our members have invite privileges. You could also send an in-game message to Celsfalia or me (Kallinos), but I won't be on tonight due to a major presentation at work tomorrow.