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Love the Sab Story and Love the Alliance

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Love the Sab Story and Love the Alliance

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03.22.2022 , 06:56 PM | #1
Honestly, I really love the Saboteur story.

Of course there's the dedicated Light Sided Agent defects to the Republic from both classic and onslaught, and I love that.

But I also really love the route I'm taking on my main, which is a self-insert.

My main is a Jedi Sent, pragmatic but leans dark side more often, still will try to save lives and protect innocents first and foremost. (Honestly closer to light 1 by my PTS run.) But the Jedi always crucified her. I made sure to have Dark V during the origin story. She was denied the rank of master until Shadow of Revan, she clashed with the council's ideology, she is very passion driven, and the Jedi weren't recognizing her for her accomplishments. Then, KOTFE and KOTET happen. The republic abandons her, labels her as the reason Arcann was able to take over, and most refuse to help the alliance.Then the Empire comes over, Acina seems genuine, offers a formal treaty, and shows her dedication to snuffing out people like Lorman who are set in the old ways. The Empire truly seems to be changing. So she agrees to the treaty. The Eternal Alliance age was definitely her peak. She finally was making a difference in the galaxy on an enormous scale, sending supplies and healing the galaxy. The republic takes this mercy and invades Iokath, an Alliance Territory. Sure Acina did too, however...When the negotiations take place at the conference table, she agrees with Lana (who she has romanced) that they can't break their treaty with the Empire. She hopes the Republic will understand given her past contributions, but instead, the Republic bombs the table (which means they had the bomb there to begin with), and Jace Malcom tries to use the superweapon.

She doesn't trust Acina around it either, but Acina was still helping. Theron's betrayal happens, she lets him live due to his actions saving the people of Odessen and their base, even if the Eternal Fleet and Gravestone were decimated. However, she doesn't exactly trust him after that. She believes they could've had a better outcome had Theron spoken to her. Even if the order knew the Alliance knew about the bugs, there had to have been another way to locate them and stop them sooner. Theron however knows way too much. He can't be allowed to leave. But she doesn't want to kill him either.

So, she keeps him on, if only to ensure he doesn't leak any critical intel to the Republic.With the Eternal Fleet gone, she is forced to pick a side in a war she wanted to stay independent in. She wanted to end the suffering, not aid in it draining resources in the galaxy.

But, her choices are slim at this point. She can't risk being invaded. And since the Republic has tried to usurp her before through Saresh, and everything else, she decides to ally with the Empire.

Here's where the Sab route comes in and plays out really well. (And no, she does not tell Theron). She knows there are good and bad people on both sides of this conflict. She wants to minimize casualties and take out the bad eggs so to speak. She also hates the double agent thing. And with Darth Xarion pushing her to cause more brutality, she's conflicted with her position.

Onderon and Ossus were okay, but Mek-Sha, Corellia, and Manaan have been challenging for her mentally. She's having to kill significant people she doesn't want to. Additionally, the Republic has held vital information from her. Proving they don't really trust her, and reinforcing her keeping Odessen independent.

This just solidifies that the Republic doesn't respect her still. By Manaan, she's trying to push the middle-ground, and Xarion is displeased, saying he expects greater things from her.

And at the end of that holocall, the regret hits her. "Should I really have allied with the Empire? Would this be any different if I sided with the Republic?" Then Elom happens, Malgus is captured, she insists "He's too dangerous to be kept alive" but Gnost-Dural of course refuses to let him be executed.

"Will it hold him?"
"This device held tons of ancient sith lords."
"That doesn't answer my question."

I expect him to break out and wreak havoc on Carrick (and Vaiken station on imp side)

I'm playing this route very neutral, and I honestly didn't intend to when I swapped servers and started over.

I am invested in forging my own destiny, as Valkorion taught. And yet, here I am, drowning in the ocean. I'm very excited to see where this all leads, both in the more traditional path I have on my secondary, and on my main with this neutral pathing.

I really hope I can keep my 3rd Faction. Even if it's just one planet. I love the Alliance and will fight to keep it independent.

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05.09.2022 , 10:45 PM | #2
With 7.0 restarted my main...Consular as Juggernaut (not a dark side Jedi, just like the single blade fighting style).

Just got to Iokath. Have to say, I hated making the choice between Republic or Empire. Join the ally who betrayed me first chance they got (Empire going to Iokath) or ally with the group who didn't help my Consular against Zakuul, but was her ally before.

Wish I could've said "We'll risk this two sided war" at that point. They both invaded the Alliance's planet and the punishment is teaming up with one of them.

I went Republic, only because Empire already betrayed me first thing by being there, regardless of what the Republic was doing (they could've holo'ed and said they need the Alliance to take care of that incursion and even say they're willing to help) and I didn't remember how the sabateur plot line played out. My Jedi wouldn't be a sab, but is the choice to switch sides again?
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05.12.2022 , 08:23 PM | #3
You can make a choice I believe before Ossus.
Iokath you don't really have saboteur options yet.

My LS-5 imp agent told Theron that he was siding with Rep. although I've been disappointed that he never referenced the decision he made in vanilla story act 3 to side with Rep.

Although it is becoming more and more obvious. He uses trooper combat style. He wears green & white trooper-type gear sometimes (gotta love outfits). (He wears Imp gear when on Imp planets tho. - gotta be clandestine sometimes )

I'm just wondering how it is going to pan out.
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