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*Recruiting* - casual pvp/pve Guild(s) from early BETA looking to rebuild ASAP...

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*Recruiting* - casual pvp/pve Guild(s) from early BETA looking to rebuild ASAP...

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10.17.2019 , 05:10 PM | #111
Gearing in 6.0 (Spoils of War) From PTS experience and feedback

For the ones that don’t care about “why” and can follow directions without deviating, the “Super Short Version” may be useful. If not, skip that and follow the “Not so Short Version”.

Super Short Version:

* Save all Renown crates and gear boxes you get. DO NOT OPEN yet.
* Concentrate on rising you average gear rating on a single toon until you are 304+.
* Use mostly loot and buy from RNG vendor when you need to.
* Once you are 304+: Open the crates and boxes you saved.
* Save whatever 304 you don’t need any more for other toons.
* Buy Left Side from RNG Box Vendor until you have the ones you want (will be 306)
* Buy tacticals and set bonus shells directly.
* Buy Mods from RNG Vendor until you get the ones you want (will be 306)
* Empty your bank account in targeting the amplifiers you want.
* <s> Sell a kidney for credits to keep targeting the amplifiers you like. </s>

Not so Short Version

Unlike FAQ Pre 6.0, this one do need some explanations to make more sense but I will try to keep this as short as possible. There is plenty more of info in the PTS and General forum in case anyone wants more details.

A few concepts first:

Renown: Is the New Galactic Command.

Vertical Gearing: Is all about increasing your item rating. New gear starts at 268 and goes up to 306.

Horizontal Gearing: Is about getting different combination of items...aka Set bonuses, tacticals and Amplifications.

Tacticals: Is a new gear type of item that has its own slot. It does not have rating, amplification or augment capability. It works similar to utility points giving you an extra layer of play style customization.

Amplifier (amp): Every new shell or mod in your gear can now have an amplifier (Main hand/Offhand shells excluded). Amplifiers gives you something "extra" from a very small amount of healing when you do damage or even better critical chances while crafting.

Tech Fragments (TF): Is the new currency, it will be very important in you gearing.

Will Tiers be equivalent in 6.0?

There are no longer 4 or 5 defined Tiers of gear, each with gear from different qualities (color/rating). Instead, everything is one Big Tier (or 19 small Tiers if you consider rating increments or ‘2’). There is no in between, so everyone that cares for this should aim to 306 from the start to avoid painful and expensive upgrades later.

Where do we start?

* As Galactic Command started in lvl 70, this will start at level 75 that is the new max level.
* You first objective should be doing increasing your item rating, at least to an average of 304+.
Why to 304? Because rating in gear goes up by increments of two. When you are for example when you are in 272 average and buy an RNG box of an Implant, that implant will be 276. If you are 304 the gear from that vendor will be 306 (unless moddable gear (*)).

What’s the Fastest or Best way to do it?

* Wear whatever gear you come across that increases your average rating no matter the stat distribution or if it is a relic you don’t like. It won’t last long, so no point in searching for specific things.
* When you have a piece of gear making your average rating low, buy and RNG box for that slot with TF.
* IGNORE Set Bonus AND Amplifiers.
Why? Set bonus will make you increase your rating way slower and be a lot more expensive (both in credits and TF) because you will not get that many mods. When you change your gear, the amplifiers change so spending credits or looking to for specific amplifiers is a complete waste until you are in 306 rating and/or using set bonus shells.

Ok, what else?

* Save for later all Renown crates and gear boxes you get, until you are high rating (304 or maybe even 306).
Why? Because gear you get from those will check your average rating. While there is a chance to get an upgrade, you won’t be saving much time as you will getting a lot of potential upgrades from loot just playing content. It will be best save all of those for the higher ratings because there will be a chance of set bonus gear and 306 mods; saving you a LOT of TF and grinding.

What content should I play?

* Play what you like playing
* PvP will be the slower one as it depends too much in crates/box you get from daily/weekly and from winning warzones. (PvP has bolster to max rating)
* Flashpoints and Operations are probably a lot faster as bosses are the best source of gear with plenty personal loot. Even Vet FP provides good loot, end Boss of each has a chance for a random Tactical or Set Bonus piece that if granted will have players to roll for it.

Will every piece of gear I get from loot an upgrade or side grade?

No. General loot (as well the ones from crates/boxes) gets “better” as you increase your rating, but it can be a downgrade. In theory, the harder the content, the better the chances for upgrades.

What about vendors?

There are 3 types of Vendor for TF. And also new Reputation Vendors.

RNG BOX vendor: This will sell for a “small” amount of TF a piece of gear or mod (your choice of slot) for your current discipline. This is mostly always (*) upgrades in terms of rating.

Set Bonus / Tactical Vendor: This vendor sells for a large amount of TF and credits, specific set bonus shells and tacticals.

Kai Zykken: When available it will sell some specific items for a “medium” amount of TF and credits. It’s like special time limited offer kind of vendor that rotates its stock.
(*)When getting moldable gear the rating for each mods is RNG based, there is a chance for upgrades but just not always. Mods and non-moddable gear will be an upgrade from your current average rating.

Should I buy from vendor before rating 304/306?

Yes. Use RNG BOX vendor whenever a piece of gear is making your average rating low.
If you are hitting TF cap you may also invest in tacticals. Check Kai first in case he has the one you want in special offer.

All right, I got to 304/306. What do I do now?

Now is the first steps in horizontal gearing.
1- Open all the gear crates/boxes you horded.
2- Buy Mods from RNG BOX vendor. Once your rating is 304 all mods, armoring, hilt/barrel and enhancements from this vendor should be 306.
3- Think of the set bonus and tacticals you want first (you may have some pieces already). Note: While pieces required to complete a set bonus are 4 or 6, getting all 7 will grant you an achievement if you like those (each set has its own).
Note: Some set bonus and tacticals will be locked in new content: Dxun Op, Corellia FP and Reputation vendor in Oderon. So check those too.
4- Check Kai Zykken first for better prices.
5- Buy from expensive vendor.

What about disintegrating gear?

All new gear is legacy bound so before disintegrating what you don’t use any more think if you may use on another toon. You can always disintegrate latter. Once you have one toon in 306, it is wise to keep the 304s or extra 306s just to avoid doing vertical gearing on alts. Even if you go from DPS to TANK, just wear the DPS gear for a short time and start getting tank gear from loot or RNG vendor. Also, before disintegrating, check the amp (2).

How to Min/Max?

Once you are getting/buying 306 mods. While you buy those for your discipline, there are several new variations for stat distribution on each. Enhancements in particular will take you a lot of time (and TF) to get the ones you want.
Note: Some players reported an alternative to get some mod you may want (unlettered). Shells from Kai do come with mods and those shells (unlike the RNG boxes) can be refunded. So you can buy one, check if it’s has a rating/mod you want and refund if not. When you get one, keep the piece and take the mod.

I want to know about Amplifiers

* Like I said before, do not bother with this until you have your BIS gear. (2)
* There are a lot to choose from and sadly we could not test them properly so this is something that people will write and comment for a long time after 6.0 launches.
* What I can say is that it will be expensive, on top of multiple type of amplifiers there are good and bad ones. Fortunately BW added eventually color codes to them, so it goes like usual from Green to Gold.
* I can also tell you how it works in general: On your Character Window you will have a button to open an additional one that will have your amplifiers. From there you can choose one to re roll. It cost credits (more with each re roll) and each time you do it will give you two new amplifiers to choose from. You can cancel and keep the original one but it will still charge you.
(2) There might be an exception: Crafting/Gathering/Crew Missions. If you happen to get a ‘gold’ amp for any of those that you think it may be useful, keep it instead of disintegrating.

You forgot about Augments?

Well, I left this for last as I may need to expand on this as final Crafting system gets in place. For the moment this is my advice:
* Except Main Hand / Offhand you should avoid augments until you are 306 with set bonus pieces.
* Once you are there see if grade 11 286 PURPLE augments are affordable. If not, just stick to good old 228 purple from grade 10.
Why? 236/240 are converted by force to 238/242 and they mess with the stats. Unless you only care for the endurance, those are not good augments as provide a lot less tertiary stat (alacrity/critical/shield/etc). Only grade 11 286 will give you more tertiary stat than 228.

Extra FAQ

What would be a Priority for spending Tech Fragments?

* RNG Vendor when a piece is lowering your average rating
* Kai Zykken (For special offers)
* Direct vendors of Tacticals and Set Bonus
* RNG Vendor for min/max once 306
* Anything else

Where is my Old Set Bonus?

It gets disabled once you hit lvl 75. In case BW decides to enable it again in the future, keep a copy.
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10.21.2019 , 11:03 PM | #112
Quote: Originally Posted by Balameb View Post
This post is intended as a FAQ of things to know and do Before 6.0.

FAQ Pre 6.0 (version: 1.1)

Quote: Originally Posted by Balameb View Post
Gearing in 6.0 (Spoils of War) From PTS experience and feedback

THANKS to our 1st Officer ^ for his last 2 very robust 'guide' posts on pages 11 & 12 of our thread here. Hopefully it helped some players before tomorrow (and beyond) .


Our guild(s) are still going strong after all these years...and...after over a year's worth of "work" , we have finally completed unlocking ALL rooms/perks aboard both our guild FLAGSHIPS!! woot!

So if anyone is looking for a casual chill but dedicated guild on either side, please see my OP on page 1 of this thread yep. Best of luck to all of us tomorrow the 22nd for the big UPDATE.... (despite my recent "rage" posts at Lead Dev Eric Musco, for his unfortunate lack of timely communication or gracious concession, i'm still rather excited for 6.0 update....if nothing else, at least for some new story content )
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10.31.2019 , 04:45 AM | #113
I guess this will be a bump for your post but I am also looking for a guild. I just came back after a while away and haven't decided on what I want to play as my "main". I am a casual player who logs on, maybe daily for short periods and at least once or twice a week for extended periods (2-4 hours). Let me know if I fit the bill and who would be a good contact.

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11.05.2019 , 06:20 AM | #114
Loving this game, but fairly new. I was wondering if there is room in your Republic guild for a player who is still learning? My in-game name is Deltaskirata. Thank you to all vet players who are patient with us new players!

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11.08.2019 , 03:07 AM | #115
Howdy! I finally got my spicy full 306 set and I did think it could be nice to share some tips about this journey.
Some context, I am mostly a pure DPS Deception SI Assassin and I'm pretty average at it. I only got my full 258 due to how easy was on Ossus, so this time Bioware is really into the "anyone can have it.

I will answer first these questions:
Was it fun?
-Mmmmmm, yes. As a DPS I got bored a little so I decided to mix several times going full tank in some nice and challenging FPs. Also I found very satisfying (and very fast, most likely one of the fastest ways to get gear) having a full 4 DPS squad. You can play HS and RR fps or you can vary a little sometimes doing another FP or an OP, it's recommendable in order to keep it fresh.

Was it worth it?
Yes, for the amount of time you spend you literally just geared up all your characters in your legacy. And the difference in stats is huge!


There are some points where you will get stuck:
-Changing from Green to Blue, Blue to Purple, Purple to Gold.
-299-300 and the whole 300+ (RNG hates us)
Use your tech frags for whatever you need in that case. Don't save them for tacticals or anything.
If you get stuck try MM FPs and change your discipline for easier and faster GF pop ups!
Deconstruct everything you no longer use.

In order to further explain my solutions to the stuck points here are all my recommendations:
-Doing VET FPs or KOTFE chapter 1 is a great way to go until 299. HS and RR are the top ones for this.
-When doing VET fps the fastest way is having a full 4 dps squad, thing go way faster (even without stealth).
-When you get stuck there are 2 ways to get rid of it: Master Mode FPs and using your tech frags at the NPC on fleet. I know some of you are saving them for your set bonuses but DON'T, just use them and worry about them when you get 306.
-As you know Gear Rating is the only thing that matters, even if you get 0 alacrity and you don't like it... JUST USE IT.
-As I said, using your tech is so worth it filling up the lowest gear part you have, once you passed your "stuck in rating" just go back to FPs.
-Currently there are waaaaay to many people doing MM FPs. This is good and bad. If you are DPS then brace yourself for a very long wait. But no worries, I have the fix: due that you can select what discipline you want for gear you can just do some FPs as a DPS with a Tank/Healer for drops. After two runs you should be able to get a full set for that role, then go in for the insta groups!

Now the nightmare 299+. This is a bit of double edge, the more gear rank you have the more tech frag you will get after deconstructing. You should ALWAYS deconstruct anything that you won't use anymore (don't sell). By the point of 299+ after a single FP you should have at least 400+ tech which will give you a free gear part. Don't get "main hand" or "offhand" on that store, most of the time they give you modded weapons with lower rating, just aim for armor, implants, ear, etc.
I have tested the 299+ with a lot of different modes. Daily and weekly rewards are 10/10 for this, if you have them save them for this point. VET FPs are trash here, you have a lot more chances to get artifact gear quality (298 max) than the new 300+, I STRONGLY suggest to waste your tech frags until you get 300 on your gear score. After that, MM FPs are the best bet. You are still having chances to get artifact quality until you get 304 for some reason, but you will get plenty more 300+ gear this way. If not (unlucky like me), just make them tech frags and get what you need. After getting 304 you are mostly guaranteed to get 306 gear and your life will be shinier.

If I do it again, how will that be?
For the fastest way, spam HM or RR (and being a DPS) until the first stuck point (Green-Blue) change to MM and change to Tank/H depending on your class. Also I STRONGLY advice to use a stealth class. Getting what you need, repeat until next break point. Use your tech frags to speed up the process when you feel it slow. After getting 298, change to T/H in order to get MM FPs pop ups and have a quick 306. Then change to DPS in the loot you want (not specialization) and farm for you and the rest of your alts, which should be pretty fast.
I have no idea why changing specialization gave me a little boost in luck when I got stuck (not only in pop ups but in drop rate of higher rank), but it's a nice thing to use for now.
Good luck my fellas and remember to enjoy the road!
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11.08.2019 , 11:58 AM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by FareEnuff View Post
I guess this will be a bump for your post but I am also looking for a guild. I just came back after a while away and haven't decided on what I want to play as my "main". I am a casual player who logs on, maybe daily for short periods and at least once or twice a week for extended periods (2-4 hours). Let me know if I fit the bill and who would be a good contact.
hi there, i sent you a forum PM but never heard back , since we need to know your actual toon name(s) & sides before we can connect in-game for any 'guild invite'

Quote: Originally Posted by DeltaSkirata View Post
Loving this game, but fairly new. I was wondering if there is room in your Republic guild for a player who is still learning? My in-game name is Deltaskirata. Thank you to all vet players who are patient with us new players!
hi there, So i added your toon name to my in-game 'friend list' the other day but still haven't seen you online yet.... Check my OP on page 1 of this thread to see our best contact toon names/sides.

Quote: Originally Posted by SpicyBaguette View Post
Howdy! I finally got my spicy full 306 set and I did think it could be nice to share some tips about this journey.
Good luck my fellas and remember to enjoy the road!
THANKS much for posting the 'guide' ! -- *SpicyBaguette , aka Lynette on IMP side , is 1 of our guild OFFICERS
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11.10.2019 , 02:53 AM | #117
Hi there... new player here. I like the sound of this guild. Casual is my game at this point. Ran a semi serious guild in WoW years ago with my brother and it turned me off of the more hardcore aspects of mmo's. I mostly play overnights as I work midnights and don't change my schedule when I'm off.

My main right now is a level 35 Sith Warrior named Joh'Ky Frast, but I'm open to making a toon on the Republic side as well. I may be on later today from about 8:30ish a.m. eastern till about an hour or so afterwards, then I won't be back on till sometime Wednesday.

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11.14.2019 , 05:00 PM | #118
Quote: Originally Posted by kylesarah View Post
Hi there... new player here. I like the sound of this guild. Casual is my game at this point. .
Glad we finally connected in-game and got you invited!

Quote: Originally Posted by Balameb View Post
There is always the chance Devs make some changes, [based on last PTS feedback and 'live' server metrics]

Thungur (Balameb) , if by some chance you're still scoping these forums.... Please see THIS:

....and come back to SWTOR (and to us! )
Never tell me the odds! - (Fix SPACE! 4.0ur *Community*)

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11.15.2019 , 03:45 PM | #119
Sent an email to Sophisticat per the website. Would like to join guild. Returning player. Been looking for casual guild.



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11.17.2019 , 07:23 AM | #120
I am also a returning player after a long absence. Looking for a new guild to start over Fresh. I currently only have one character and her name is Izmona and I will be playing on and off today. I would love to join and re-learn everything about the game, thanks.