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DPS Guard Changes

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09.20.2020 , 02:51 AM | #1
"" DPS Guard Changes | 09.16.2020, 10:12 AM
Hi all,

I wanted to communicate some changes we are making to guard for 6.1.4 that are going to be live on PTS soon. We’ve heard your feedback about Guarding in PVP and we are hoping to address some of those concerns with this change.

We’ve added a 50% damage penalty to DPS disciplines while they are guarding allies. The full text of the new DPS guard is: """

Well this will make Sith Sorcerer characters even more weaker than it is now especially in pvp instead of address the over powered shooting characters that can walk through the sith sorcerers barrier and or take it down in one shoot to rebalance the game that's long over due for sith sorcerers characters.

it seems that just before every upgrade their nerfing is the idea of developers which is making the game not worth playing any more between all the unneeded contents for influences of the game which is leaving bitter taste in people mouths on top of all these boring daily contents.

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09.20.2020 , 09:36 PM | #2
A. Why post this here?
B. What does dps guard have to do with sorcerers?

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09.21.2020 , 07:54 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
A. Why post this here?
B. What does dps guard have to do with sorcerers?
Perhaps OP doesn't understand the difference between "guarding" when it means what a guard does, keeping watch over something, versus "guarding" when it means a SWTOR character in a tank-capable class using the "Guard" ability to apply the in-game effect called guard.

OP: the 50% damage penalty is for characters in DPS specs of classes that can be tanks, when they apply Guard to someone. Sorcerer cannot be a tank, therefore it is not affected by this change.
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