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Imperial Mek-Sha story BUG Jan 2022

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Imperial Mek-Sha story BUG Jan 2022

Amethysted's Avatar

01.28.2022 , 11:26 AM | #1

I have searched the forums and submitted multiple tickets on the following issue:

When playing the Onslaught story from Onderon to Mek-Sha (on the Imperial side), once I encounter the Mysterious Assailant the cut scene bugs and freezes. I see my character and companion from a camera angle far away and nothing advances. It simply bugs out. I have played through Onslaught on my Republic toons, so I'm not sure why I am unable to play Imp-side.

Some posts state my computer hardware and operating system need to be upgraded. Some posts state this bug has been fixed. yet here I am, subbed, paying money and unable to play through the story...

If Bioware can not answer my multiple tickets, does any player out there have a solution?

Thank you...

Eranis's Avatar

01.28.2022 , 02:40 PM | #2
Not a solution to your problem, but when I played that part on Imp-side about 2 weeks ago, the cutscene after defeating the Mysterious Assailant bugged out for me, too. It just stopped halfway through and I was forced to click on the Mysterious Assailant again, to get the other half of the cutscene. I reset the mission to see if it was just a hiccup, but it happened again. So something is certainly off with that part.

xordevoreaux's Avatar

01.28.2022 , 02:56 PM | #3
Resetting the phase worked for me. Happened to a friend while I was helping her with it. Same cure. I think it's possible on that to get ahead of the scripting and it bugs out. It's waiting for something that won't happen because we were faster than that.
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01.28.2022 , 07:58 PM | #4
if you're playing on a regular pc then you should turn your graphics down, but if you have a basic gpu then you might just need to reset phase as previously suggested.