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Immortal Fleet - HM Raider recruitment

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Immortal Fleet - HM Raider recruitment

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06.23.2021 , 01:18 AM | #1

<Immortal Fleet> is recruiting HM raiders to reinforce one of several HM/Nim teams within the guild.

What we are: Having been together for only a few months as a team, Roflstompers has worked through the basic HM operations (DF/DP, EC, SnV) while also getting Ravagers down fairly quickly. Currently on phase 3 of Revan atm, we need to bolster our ranks to continue the fast paced progression so far.

What we want: We are looking for the following from applicants to help push us into Nightmare content:
1. Dps who can parse 20k (we'll work with the right candidate of 18k+ if they believe they can do better)
2. Healers with a proactive mentality, looking to heal before the damage goes out rather than simply react to it.
3. The ability to commit to raiding Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm CEST for 2 hours.
4. A mentality that success should not come at the cost of civility. Heat of the moment might happen for some but ensuring people remain happy to turn up to raid is imperative in a guild that's been around since the beginning and houses both raiders and non-raiders under the roof.

If this sounds like the opportunity you are looking for, please contact Argure or Sarella in-game to further your application or to ask any questions you have.