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Looking for Guild

MafiaGal's Avatar

07.01.2022 , 09:07 PM | #1
30+ Female She/Her

Looking for a casual guild. I'm a shy person who usually just questing/leveling solo. I would like to be in a active guild that chats with each other. Also would be nice to be in a guild that is okay with helping people and okay with getting asked about simple in game things. I don't mind a small or large guild. I'm not even sure if someone like me is needed in a guild but I thought I would try to put myself out there. Depending how things develop I could possibly be open to flashpoints/ operations with some training. Thank you for reading. May the force be with you. <3

kjarnage's Avatar

08.02.2022 , 08:59 AM | #2
There are lots of guilds out there including some run by women but not exclusively for women.

Your guides to guilds and contacts are at

Click community and guild at the top and search for a guild. Remember to search star forge server in your case.

Dwudzz's Avatar

08.08.2022 , 09:44 AM | #3
Children Of Yahweh is a new Republic guild on Star Forge with Flagship and Manaan Stronghold we currently have a 10.5% exp bonus, Guild Repair funds, will do giveaways once we get at least 100 people and we are recruitng people interested in something different than the normal a more mature and respectful environment consisting of people with Morals,Values,Principles and Integriy. Casual play for both new and experienced players and bible believing folk with a few sections in discord for related discussions which of course is purely optional ,we are primarily focused on pve content
conquests,leveling,fp's,dailes,heroics,uprisings any ingame events and eventually conquest commanders and operations with the open mindedness to expand into Gsf and Pvp if enough people want to. Come Grow with us! If interested msg healzferdayz ingame via mail or message or reply here.