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Mercenary DPS in the new PTS Update: Thoughts and Suggestions

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Mercenary DPS in the new PTS Update: Thoughts and Suggestions

Loc_n_lol's Avatar

07.07.2022 , 03:33 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Drokisannath View Post
They don't have to all be numerically equitable, there is value in tactical and legendaries having niches outliers in performances under some situations like Aoe, dual target, short burst, combination of damage and survivability interaction.
I mean yes, in theory. But for example, one the merc legendaries gives 2% passive dps, with a maximum 50% uptime. That's less than 1% dps increase overall, and as generic as it gets. Clearly something's wrong with this one if you compare it to other classes.

Drokisannath's Avatar

07.07.2022 , 11:08 AM | #12
I don't believe that's a correct way to look at it, not all classes need the exact same proportion of their damage coming from their tactical.

Just for argument's sake, imagine that Spec 1 does 30.000 dps, and a tactical adds 1000 dps and spec 2 does 25.000 dps but tactical adds 5000 dps. Spec 2 is still 1000 dps behind Spec 1 while having a tactical that is worth way more dps. If you buff Spec 1 tactical to bring 5000 dps like spec 2 you just created a huge imbalance.

Note that none of this is meant to justify uninspired or poorly performing tacticals, just that percentage parity is not a mathematical sound way to correct for it as the baseline is also different.

For the case of the merc it doesnt help that the baseline AND the tacticals are terrible :s

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07.07.2022 , 02:18 PM | #13
The devs themselves made a post ages ago explaining how they balanced ranged, melee, burst and sustain combat styles.

Burst and ranged should both be lower in general than sustain and melee - not every spec should be the same.
However, some specs are vastly over or underperforming even using those dev defined metrics.
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