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Spirit of Vengeance solo

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05.13.2021 , 06:41 PM | #1
Hey everyone first time posting on here. I've been playing the game for a while and came back recently and have been trying to do the Spirit of Vengeance flashpoint to progress my story but have been having some difficulty. My character is a Sith Corruption (healer) sorcerer and I have 306 gear. The issue I have is not getting through the flashpoint but at the final boss fight I find that Rass lags and gets stuck while the extra mobs spawn and I am forced to try and fight them basically alone and since I am not a DPS character this usually causes me to die in the sharpshooter mobs part of the battle. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Should I just keep grinding it or change my spec? Is SWTOR going to give us a Jesus droid for this at some point? Any help appreciated thanks.

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05.14.2021 , 12:57 AM | #2
every companion gets "stuck". If you manually order him to go after an add then he will get "unstuck" and do things again.
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05.14.2021 , 03:35 AM | #3
Found out following Strategy... at least 1 time it worked! ( still wont be a easy fight ) .
At the 2. Adds. If you realise, that the Boss gets again into Air. :
Get the Hell OFF the front platform. Best just at the ground end of the Ramp. Adding to that.. Activate Heroic Moment. ( here simple Point, as best, if you have Legend level!!! That you have at least Heroic E-Shock ( sith witch ) , Jedi Stones, and may be bounty hunter ( if it was them ) explosion body mine ) .
This way you get much faster rid of these on ground there. Too you are at least a bit protected before the sharp shooters.
Biggest Goal. The Adds normally then dont focus direct on your Companion ( i placed him as Healer ) . They whill focus direct on you. So he can do the Job he has to do. AND not getting first shooted on like hell, while you have free run around.

BUT still it can happen, that you need at least 2 attemps. -- I myself got through that, AFTER 6 Attemps and it was the 2. try after the massive update wave of the game. Before -- i could forget it.

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05.14.2021 , 06:29 AM | #4
Save your heroic moment for the second wave of adds and use whatever you have unlocked on the mobs at the bottom of the stairs. Use Unity* if you have it and CC one of the snipers. As CarlGustaf said, force Rass to do something by making him attack a mob, it will kick-start him doing things again.

*Gained by hitting light side 5 on any charactor. It's in the legacy tab of your abilities.
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05.16.2021 , 09:53 AM | #5
I finally managed to defeat the last boss with my Powertech - Pyrotech. This class/spec has great crowd control, which is a must here. First, aggro/taunt all enemies as fast as you can, and at the same time, order Ras to continue the fight (because he still wants to attack the vanished boss). Activate Heroic moment. Then stun/kill the sharpshooters, because they hit hard. Use the healing stations. If that's done, the remaining enemies won't be a problem.

It's still a stressful fight, though, and I'm still trying to finish this FP with my poor Sniper. Being a stationary attacker class sucks here.
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05.16.2021 , 03:17 PM | #6
I've tried people's advice. It doesn't work. If I go after the snipers first I am able to kill the first one, usually, but if I don't die before I reach the healing tank I die while fighting the second sniper. If I go after the mob first I die in 5 seconds. If I fight them out of the room it's 3 seconds. Companion on Heal doesn't help. Heroic Moment doesn't help. Crowd control doesn't help. Nothing works. The bad guys are set too hard and/or the gear the game gave me just by playing isn't enough when it should be enough.