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A small feedback about the game from a returning player after 4.5 years break

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A small feedback about the game from a returning player after 4.5 years break

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05.21.2022 , 03:56 AM | #1
Hi Swtor and Bioware,

In the hope to contribute to the game, I would like to share my experience after 3-4 weeks of playing the game again after 4.5 years break.

  • New content expansion: Great job with expansion and main storylines. It's such a pleasure to enjoy the storyline content. I'm glad to see old characters back in the main storyline.
  • Customization matters: really cool job here, especially on the bazaar items. For example, I'm so happy to finally play using Darth Malgus armor and the lightsaber.
  • Advanced classes: amazing, even though I personally don't need them since I have all the classes
  • Sharing craft resources between all chars: /salute
  • Choosing which gear you loot based on the discipline: /salute
  • New warzones maps. yay!

  • Gear progression: Very confusing. There are too many currencies/tokens and vendors.
    It can be subjective but I feel that the old system was easy to grasp. Now, I find myself constantly going to google to discover where do I get this type of token/matrix/stabilizer? Also, solo, veteran, master? In short: Less is more and I really think we could simplify the system here!.
  • Space Battles: It seems that not much changed. I don't see new ship models (one maybe?) and the customization could get some sugar. Ships models, especially on the Empire side, look all the same, especially the Strike Fighters.
  • Space Battles mechanics:
    • It still does not feel like a fighter-simulator. Controlling the ship it's a weird mouse-elasticity-camera experience. I really don't feel that I'm flying the ship. It's fun, but I can't really immerse.
    • No first-person and cockpit view.
    • No real chaffs / countermeasures - The barrel-roll (key 3) skills just do not add for me.
    • Except for a few ships, you actually don't control your shield. For instance, you can't say to your droid: put 70% in the front and 30% in the back.
    • In short, I do a lot of space PVP on SWG Legends, and the experience there is far better for me. Maybe we could inspire there a bit.
  • The aspect ratio bug for wide-monitors still exists. It took me days to fix and I wrote the solution here if you are interested.