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Operative stuck @ Jadus

Tiye's Avatar

09.19.2021 , 09:24 PM | #1
I am on the quest, "Defender of the Empire". I had Jadus dead to rights when lo & behold, I was struck down by the dreaded glitch that makes Jadus unkillable. I cannot abandon the quest as that option is not available to me for some reason; I have left the ship, gone back to the fleet, reset all missions & came back to see him still glitched & unkillable; I logged out & in, nothing...I completely exited out of the game. signed back in and.....YEP! You guessed it, he's still glitched in the same position and at the same health. As of this moment, I cannot progress with the Operative class. I did the bug report & far nothing. So, I am here, just a lonely lowbie little Operative, asking all the stellar OPs that came before there a workaround??? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to respond to my query with a shall be my new BFF!