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Returning casual/social PvE player LF mature guild to join

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Returning casual/social PvE player LF mature guild to join

HCLogo's Avatar

01.15.2022 , 11:10 AM | #1
I've returned to SWTOR after being away since sometime during KOTFE and would love to join a mature and social guild.

Currently I'm working my way through the class storylines solo and would like to connect with a good community while I do. I'll eventually want to get into FPs and Operations but for now I'm just enjoying working through the story and would prefer if the guild I join didn't have any pressure or mandatory group events.

I'm in my late 30s, based in the EST timezone and tend to be on evenings/weekends although I occasionally squeeze in some weekday game time while taking a break as I work from home.

Unrelated side note - returning to SWTOR feels like reuniting with an old friend, this is really the only MMO that's been able to keep me coming back.

Dakan's Avatar

01.24.2022 , 10:18 PM | #2
You sound like a perfect fit for the Yavin VI — we're looking for like minded players the way you described yourself.

I'm just not sure how small of a guild you want to return to though. I'll be honest, the Yavin VI is a very young and upstart guild here on Star Forge — it's just a handful of us casual players at the moment. We're only Guild Level 25, but rolling.

We have members who just started playing 6 months ago, like my real life buddy. And then me, who's been here since day one of these forums opening, and on and off for the past decade. Like you said, it's like an old friend you keep coming back to.

We've mainly focused on leveling up new characters, a lot of flashpoints/heroics and some PvP when the mood strikes. Most of us play during the evenings/weekends 10PM+ EST and there's absolutely no pressure to be on or present for events as we're not even in that kind of mode where we're scheduling stuff.

Like I said, very young. Very upstart. And we're not in any hurry to grow our numbers just to grow.

We're a mix of older gamers just having fun and enjoying what this game has to offer.

We're letting things shake out once 7.0 hits, but OPS are definitely high on the list for the future. We all have multiple Light/Dark side characters and also plan to create a Dark side guild to gather all of our Scoundrels and Villainy.

If you're interested, contact Dakān (alt-133 for that spec char) or Nebja Muenro in-game. We can talk, get you Discord info, etc.

Good luck in your travels if I don't hear from you!

~The Outlaw Dakān Sai
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