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Add solo ranked/team ranked to galactic seasons activities or change current quests

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Add solo ranked/team ranked to galactic seasons activities or change current quests

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06.15.2021 , 08:13 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarova View Post
I concur for much of this. It's bad enough that there are so many solo-story player unfriendly options in GS now (even though this was fed back during PTS). If they add ranked anything to the options then as far as I'm concerned GS can get ****** (probable punishment incoming for this swear but I don't give a ****).
it's starred out, so I think you'll be
As for ranked, if the pvp objective is just 1 pvp match for the daily, or 3/4 (can't remember) for the weekly, people can then choose which to do.
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06.17.2021 , 04:25 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Mercielaga View Post
OMG no. Every time I've attempted Ranked, the chat and player conduct has been so toxic that I remember why I vowed never to do Ranked. At one point I went in with a sorc and immediately had people trying to report me for throwing the match, saying that I was doing so just by participating as a sorc.

Maybe if the Ranked player base were not so toxic, people would not be so adverse to playing with them. But forcing everyone into Ranked is only going to turn people off of GS, I can promise you that.
Read again how it works. GS always provides a variety of activities you to chose...if you dislike ranked then do other objectives lol. Those who enjoy ranked over killing bugs will be happy which results in increase activity in ranked whereas you can continue to slaughter insects
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Yesterday , 09:29 AM | #33
Trying to add Ranked into GS would be the same as asking for Master Mode options to replace Story Mode, it's a short-sighted and selfish suggestion that has no merit.

Solo ranked was a stupid idea in it's own right - having a mode for players to think they are superior due to experience and not skill was a disaster - so the focus should be on how can they make Team Ranked worthwhile?

Well, firstly, having content where 50% of the time someone gets nothing is a terrible suggestion - in PvE you don't have 50% of the raids fail and think things are going swimmingly, you'd down at least one boss or be satisfied you progressed into phase 3 or whatever. So perhaps the first notion should be to change the way Team Ranked works so that wins count double, speeding things up, but still allowing people to go into Team Ranked and be rewarded for participation.

Yes, there's a risk that it'll have a negative effect of people not trying, but considering team ranked is organized groups only it might turn the format into a place for people to dip their toes in the water instead of not wanting to waste their time spending weeks or months learning the counters to everyone in the current meta.

All they need to do is stop making PVP rewards a zero-sum game and it might turn the format into a more interesting venture for some.