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Stat Priorities in 7.0?

SymbolismNZ's Avatar

03.15.2022 , 08:09 AM | #1
Hey Team,

7.0 seems to have really nerfed my EHPS - I was a high alacrity sorc and was able to heal groups pretty easily; I'm still able to do things like Nefra NiM but it's constant action and constant movement despite a 328 gearscore and I'm wondering if it's due to stat priortities, etc.

I'm still high on alacrity but not high enough for the 1.3 GCD - anyone got ideas on how to stat up now?


Mastery: 14,489
Endurance: 19,306
Power: 11,728
Crit: 2,734
Alacrity: 3,598
Accuracy: 532.

What should I be aiming for to get heals back up to a decent spec?

mike_carton's Avatar

03.16.2022 , 09:50 PM | #2
Seer/Corruption are not doing as well as they did in 6.x; whatís more, 1.3s GCD is out of reach for all Disciplines (even TK/Lightning) for all practical purposes at this point due to the miserly tertiary stat budget. So, my healer target is 2053+ Alacrity for 1.4s sec with the rest in Critical. Zero Accuracy. Mastery stim.

Didnít try a high-Alacrity build this expansion.
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Ergecrs's Avatar

08.04.2022 , 09:17 AM | #3
7.15% for alacrity rest in crit.