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Voss heroics on PUB side desperately need to be tuned down

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Voss heroics on PUB side desperately need to be tuned down

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08.06.2022 , 04:51 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DWho View Post
Add 10 DRM to the weekly, that would balance it some. You could even make the "Dailies" worth 5 DRM instead of 3. Everything from Voss on up should have a better payout.
Maybe. I think it's similar to the Star Fortresses. presently the weekly isn't enough to convince me to do them. If it were worth as much as unranked achiever (and if unranked achiever wasn't bugged) then maybe. But even then I probably wouldn't do it because they're such a pain to get through. Certain missions are like that. I don't want to suggest lowering the difficulty because few things are hard in this game as it is. But I do wonder how many players run those missions on a regular basis, Voss pubside heroics or Star Fortress Weeklies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Severith View Post
You were loyal to EA/Bioware at a time when there was no reason to be loyal to them, and now that loyalty is being tested. If there is any justice in the world, you clearly deserve a special reward. Hopefully it happens, delivered on your porch in a brown paper bag, aflame with the light of justice.