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Does Anyone Like Sgt. Rusk? (some spoilers)

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Does Anyone Like Sgt. Rusk? (some spoilers)

OrangeSamH's Avatar

02.18.2016 , 08:14 AM | #31
If you max out his affection you get a tiny hint that sort of justifies how cold and robotic he is. However it comes at the very end and there is no story content with him afterwards so it kind of just glimmers and then disappears.

I read his description before getting him and figured he'd be a rough, surly, anti-hero so I thought it was cool that they played him against type by making him coldly efficient. However, once he's onboard Rusk stays completely static and has no connection with the over all plot.

He is, however, awesome to play with. I love going double DPS and having my Jedi Sentinel leap at guys while Rusk mows them down with his cannon.

KLGChaos's Avatar

02.27.2016 , 03:13 AM | #32
Yeah... While talking to him isn't horrible and he seems decent enough, he obviously shows a "do what it takes at all costs, even if it gets me and my men killed" attitude that is just terrible. On Hoth, I actually didn't realize that depending on where you chose to go changes the outcome of the major fight. I figure taking on an "Immortal" creature would be better for me than the squad. Well, it didn't work out as planned-- and he didn't seem to care that his entire squad was massacred. He just sees his people as numbers.

I don't like him but I don't really hate him either. I'm just ambivalent to him. I actually disliked Doc more because he's just a dick.

Strref's Avatar

02.27.2016 , 12:17 PM | #33
If you're playing a "for the Republic!" sort of Jedi who dips dark side for a "greater good" sort of justification rather than full on "unlimited power" then he's really the only companion choice that meshes with you. Scourge hates the Republic and Jedi authority too much, T7 gets sad and confused, Kira gets angry, and Doc gets emo. I guess your ship droid is sort of an indifferent sycophant. :P

I think Rusk is intended to be a sad/ironic character--in his zeal to serve the Republic, he betrays its ideals.

The "problem" with him (outside of a somewhat bland personality) is that he doesn't really work for "full on darkside" or "full on lightside" characters, which I believe the majority of people play for min/max reasons.

I like to think that due to his repeatedly stated admiration for the Jedi (or at least aspects), that my fully light side Jedi keeps him around hoping to be a good influence on him and free his noble traits from his dark side tendencies. This has the added benefit of no longer endangering people under his command.

It's a shame the writing/game doesn't allow you to have a bigger impact on your companions or their outlooks/alignment--redeem Scourge, turn T7 into an Assasstromech droid, etc.

Jedi_riches's Avatar

02.29.2016 , 10:55 AM | #34
I think Rusk is ok, just not for the Jedi Knight companions, he just does not fit well at all, had he have been a trooper companion (maybe instead of Vik) then yeah I think I would have liked him more.
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LeeTone's Avatar

03.07.2016 , 09:05 PM | #35
For me, Rusk is a really boring character.

I do appreciate that he's absolutely loyal though.
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Excise's Avatar

03.08.2016 , 12:01 PM | #36
I think Rusk is awesome. He's my favorite Knight companion by far. As noted above, he fills that necessary "ends justify the means" militaristic role. Without him, the crew would be all goody goody except for one darkity dark dark Sith.

People also seem to think he's going to cross some imaginary line and do something truly abhorrent, even though his conversation quests are specifically about how he definitely won't.

The only downside of Rusk is that he's one of the many companions who just kind of hang out for one planet and then never become relevant again.
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Velvir's Avatar

09.18.2021 , 06:37 AM | #37
I feel like I'm gonna start a playthrough as the dumbest Jedi in the galaxy and I'm almost certain Rusk will approve most of my actions. Man sometimes dialog options just help your character embrace his monkey brain and I want to have Rusk standing there behind him, nodding and calculating percentages. Just feels like a perfect duo.