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<Scumbags Inc> & <Vigilantes Inc>, new guilds recruiting on both factions!

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<Scumbags Inc> & <Vigilantes Inc>, new guilds recruiting on both factions!


04.30.2021 , 02:12 PM | #1
Hello there!

We're looking for more people of all level and skill! Beginner friendly and pressure free (no demands on conquest points or activity and never will be, like some bigger guilds). I've played Swtor for years, mostly PVE solo & grouped and GSF, and am happy to help when able!
If you just want in a casual guild while exploring the galaxy, you've found it! Or if you want to take a more active role when it comes to possible guild activities/managing, you're welcome to do so! We're still low on numbers but we've got the Flagship and basic XP boosts already and possibly more utilities on the way. Friends and alts are of course also welcome!

Message me here for invite since I've got multiple toons or try your luck with the /who chat in-game!
All Too Easy