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Personal Starship Strongholds?

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Personal Starship Strongholds?

SenMarcieles's Avatar

10.08.2021 , 02:13 PM | #1
So upon attempting to take people onto my personal ship instance. I realized that copying the interior instance for each starship, and making them available as strongholds with limited placements would be a fun thing to have.

I believe that it would be a welcome addition to the community. Especially in roleplay settings. I apologize if it would be much too difficult to do, but it would bring potential profit, and bolster the experience of the game.

The cockpit of the vessel could have a button that puts you in either a hangar, or planetary backdrop would be pretty cool to see as well.

I will be putting this in suggestions too. Spread my plague!

JediQuaker's Avatar

10.09.2021 , 08:00 AM | #2
You could start a new suggestion thread, or you could just add a reply to any of the other threads about the same thing.
It's been requested many times.
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