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Master mode uprising Firefrost 6.0

Drew_RM's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 04:35 PM | #1
Hi All,
Our team tried master mode uprising Firefrost today.
We got to the last boss fairly easy, but then we had a dozen of wipes without any progress whatsoever.
We were able to get out of the red aoe, but the blue one was instantly reducing everyone's health by a considerable amount.
While trying to heal up Rain of missiles was one-shotting 2-3 group members.
I heard that uprisings in general are not very well balanced right now, but still there must be a solution.
Any advice?
Thank you!

OOOYYY's Avatar

05.24.2020 , 07:44 PM | #2
We recently did the Veteran Mode of Firefrost. That walker felt more like a MM boss than a VM boss (though the forgemaster afterwards was simple). I walked away wondering how much narrower the margin could be in MM. It might be that, with the scaling bug on uprisings, it's virtually impossible to take down the walker.

juliushorst's Avatar

05.26.2020 , 05:28 AM | #3
Uprisings are currently bugged \ not properly synched.
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