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Lana Beniko bugged?

rawtravel's Avatar

12.23.2014 , 01:32 PM | #1
I just hit 60 on my healz Sorcerer and I cannot get passed Lana Beniko.

First was the mission where you must "find your benefactor". It's Lana with her face covered and she's standing in the middle of the square right in from of the ""safe house" door, and she's got the mission-turn-in symbol flashing over her head. I click on her and the screen jumps for a second then back to me standing in front of her. No conversation, nothing happened and the symbol is still blinking madly over her head!

I was still active on one other mission under the "Shadow of Revan" section, so I just continued following that. Turns out it was not another mission thread, but just another mission farther along the same mission thread. Somehow, without having the conversation with my "benefactor" in the middle of the street, I was able to get beyond that and complete the missions right up to, and including, the Blood Hunt FP.

So after Blood Hunt, you "return to Lana Beniko in the safe house". This is conversation is supposed to warp up the "torch" missions and start me on the path that ends at "Battle of Rishi" FP. However, when I click on Lana, you guessed it, I'm back in the middle of the street having that conversation with Lana....finally! Okay I'm back on track right? Well, sort reset all of the missions after that and through the end of Blood Hunt FP. So I had to do all of the missions, including Blood Hunt, over again! Frustrating, as I hafta wait an extra two days (I only play an hour or so per day) to get to Yavin 4, but I suppose it's cool to see the cut scenes again.

So I finish up Blood Hunt, again, and head out to RIshi Village to do all those missions and finish up with "Battle of Rishi" and then to Yavin 4! Um, nope. Finished all the missions and completed "Battle of Rishi" on solo mode (okay how much do we LOVE the battle droid??!!). I head back to "return to Lana Beniko in the Rishi Village" and when I click on her.....nothing happens.

So now, I'm stuck with just one more click to wrap up the "Shadow of Revan" missions on Rishi....and I cannot click it. I'm afraid to "reset" or "abandon" the mission, because won't that mean that I hafta start the whole planet of Rishi over again?!

Is anyone else having this problem? I have submitted a ticket in-game, but I am not expecting a response. Bioware doesn't respond to in-game inquires, right? It's just for their information, and I just hafta keep trying whatever's wrong in the game, as the only way to know if they are working on it, right?

Sith-Viscera's Avatar

01.18.2015 , 07:25 AM | #2

Yeah, i think we have the same issue.
You been dealing with yours as long as i have and neither one of us can get any thing done by Tech Support.

I am at this point ready to abandon the mission but i can't cause thats an option it won't give me either.

Good Luck with yours....
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LukeTheGeek's Avatar

01.19.2015 , 05:21 AM | #3
Try stepping out the instance and resetting the mission, it worked for me

Faejan's Avatar

05.22.2020 , 07:36 PM | #4
Bump. This mission is still bugged. Lana didn't appear. I had to reset, but that didn't work either. Extremely frustrating - is this entire quest path broken? Can't find the data pad....

Hadsil's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 03:12 AM | #5
Do you have a stronghold? If you do try going to your stronghold then immediately Return to Rishi so you're back where you left. In the class stories once in a while, but especially on Empire Taris, I can't click what's supposed to be clicked to engage the mission. Sometimes what's supposed to be glowing isn't glowing. Going to my stronghold then returning gets it functioning.