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The Magical anti-journey of Maarek Farlander

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The Magical anti-journey of Maarek Farlander

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05.26.2021 , 02:24 PM | #11
S01 E10 - Hangar sucks!

Ships of GSF pilots are actual ..things in two places: In GSF matches and in Hangar menu you open by clicking the GSF icon on minimap. These are the only places where you can oggle at your ships, their customizations and whatnots. It is a shame hangar menu feels about as tangible as CM window preview screen of some armor you don't own. GSF Hangar isn't an actual place to go, just a menu window to browse. I am certain GSF would generate so much more cartel coins for BW if they had made Hangar an actual place you can visit with your in game character. It'd be cool to climb on your ship, watch as mechanics maintain it, check out your color mods and other customizations, Maybe have stuff like GSF achis appearing as posters on hangar's wall etc.

Even very low budget solutions could improve things a great deal:

Here are two images of two menus from two different games.

Hangar of Galactic Starfighter:

Hangar of World of Tanks:

In their respective games, these menus serve an identical purpose: look at your killing machine, customize it. Change the weapons and admire the paintjobs. Look at stats.. Change your crew. Change the ship/tank you take to the next battle. Enter the next battle. Both menus intend to give player an idea of a "hangar" where his warmachines are stored. Identical functionality..but world of difference in atmosphere and immersion.

As far as immersion is considered, hangar in world of tanks looks lived in. It smells of sweat, smoke and oil. Hangar of GSF is just an abstract menu. It features little besides a hologram of your ship sitting around pointlessly in big fat nothing.

It'd do wonders for immersion if GSF pilots felt like ship is an actual thing they take to and from battle. As it stands, ships don't really get to..occupy a space anywhere besides an up&running GSF match. Something as modest as new hangar graphics would go some ways to redeem this. Which, in turn would make various GSF cosmetics way more appealing to buy from the cash shop.

Hangar from Squadrons:

SWTOR has loads and loads of cool Starfighter imagery to be found. Even character creation screen featuires some atmospheric Starfighter launching business on the bcground. It is too bad none of ths stuff is in any way utilized for immersion/fluff department of GSF.

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06.03.2021 , 05:17 AM | #12
S01E11 The nameless episode

I swear, 7 times out of 10 when I decide to record a match something weird happens. Usually Geforce shadowplay acting up. 2 times out of 10 recording works great, but match is just boring to watch. Pretty exciting one got recorded for once! This was match #85 or something thereabouts.

Matches sometimes being heavily stacked against or for your team is pretty much integral part of any pvp. In the long run, it is useful to find some way to make it entertaining or challenging for you regardless. Latter at least is easy to do if match is stacked against you. Always something to try or learn. See if you can survive in some trollish scout withot dying once. See if you learn something new about coping with pressure when operating a GS. Or see if youi manage to bloody the noses of the winning team by scoring top kills in a DM despite your team losing..etc etc. These..nuggets of fun are much harder to find if it is your side that is totally crushing the enemy. Writing bad GSf themed impro poetry in Ops chat is always an option, luckily.

..ANYWAY! All of that is kinda OT, this one was quite an exciting and even match. They almost managed to turn the match in the end. Prime example of being in a wrong ship at a wrong time from my part. My Pike isn'tbuild to chase agile scouts from satelites.

55 now! 20 more lvls. I am pretty sure I reach some sort of a GSF nirvana by doing this.

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07.25.2021 , 07:11 AM | #13
Sometimes, matches like this are the most rewarding ones. When odds are like 60-40 against your team, it is a great opportunity to get better at GSF and do well.

Maarek's lvl 68 now! Not that much left.. It'll be something like 200 GSF matches total go from 1 to 75 via GSF exclusively. Iirc I haven't played this char during any of the recent 2xXP weeks, not used XP tokens. So tis a performance free of doping!

Crazy how slow it is to get ships mastered without dailies and weeklies. Besides Star Guard, I fly tons of Flashfire and Spearpoint. Yet..after 150 matches or so, neither is mastered yet.

GSF remains much busier than it has been in years! It'll be bit disappointing if this renaissance won't result in any new GSF content.

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07.27.2021 , 04:26 PM | #14
Aaand DONE! Dinged 75 bit earlier today. Took me 184 matches and 29 hours of GSF. Officially calling dibs on world 1st max lvl walker hermit. :P

Here are the stats made along the way. I'm fairly happy with them, considering this char was exclusively solo-q and still doesn't have a row of mastered ships.