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Encountered a bug in KOTET chapter 2

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Encountered a bug in KOTET chapter 2

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05.14.2022 , 10:43 AM | #1
Yesterday I played thru KOTET 2 with an alt and Empress Acina was nowhere to be found. I had previously logged out when you crash and are put into the jungle with the vinecats and such - as the chapters go continuously unless you hit escape.
When I went to continue the story I could not summon her, she wasn't listed on contacts when you press N, so still no Acina. And I couldn't even come close to killing the mobs without her.
Also, the little line about changing the phase (other commands when you click your portrait) only appeared while I was Inside the chapter, when I "left the area" it did not appear.
Finally what I did to "solve" this was to reset the difficulty level to veteran, then back to story. This reset the chapter back to the beginning and Acina appeared (Finally!)
Posting this here in case someone else encounters this problem - but I hope it can be fixed.

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