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Madness/balance vs lightning/telekinesis

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Madness/balance vs lightning/telekinesis

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03.21.2021 , 07:20 PM | #1
Returning player trying to get a feel on what is playing better currently was told that madness and balance have been making a return. Or is lightning/ telekinesis still reigning.

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03.21.2021 , 08:10 PM | #2
Balance / Madness are doing alright right now. Whilst the disciplines lack a strong set bonus (or, any set bonus, really) they are sitting well with tacticals, but TK / Lit are still on top.

There are two good set bonuses: Gathering Storm and Endless Offensive. Gathering Storm is more accessible as it can be found on the class gear vendor on the fleet. Endless Offensive can only be acquired from the Dxun OP and Kai Zykken. Here are their stats.

With regard to tacticals both TK / Lit and Balance / Madness have two really good options.

For TK / Lit there are Stormwatch for single target and Elemental Convection for AoE.

Elemental Convection allows for chaining multiple Telekinetic Wave / Chain Lightning attacks whilst Stormwatch basically gives you another DOT.

Balance / Madness have Tempest of Rho for single target and Slow Mercy for AoE.

Tempest of Rho gives you many more ticks of Sever Force / Creeping Terror. The spreading of Force Slow on Slow Mercy is irrelevant. The juicy part is spreading Vanquish / Force Leech. The added damage with Forcequake / Force Storm is a nice little bonus that helps with AoE damage.

Overall, without a doubt, TK / Lit are ahead. Both of the DPS set bonuses work well for them and they have some strong tacticals. Whilst their tacticals are good, Balance / Madness really lack for a decent set bonus and that is holding back the disciplines.
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03.22.2021 , 10:09 PM | #3
Thanks I used to run madness and balance until they they needed them to the ground but I’ll go lightning and tell on my sage and sorc