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Eternal Knights Covenant (pubside) / Brotherhood of Ruination (impside)

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Eternal Knights Covenant (pubside) / Brotherhood of Ruination (impside)

Kalnarius's Avatar

06.06.2021 , 02:05 AM | #1
EKC has been a guild for 5-6 yrs going back to Shadowlands. We are on the smaller guild size account wise though we do have a lot of characters in the guild. As a guild we prefer to be a more close-knit guild over all about sheer number of people we can get. Our players are laid back, social and helpful that love to do raids. We do have discord server, flagships on both sides, do take alts and friends in our guild. We will take any player regardless of skill level, game experience. We do have room for advancement within our guild in several ranks and roles to fill within the guild. We also have several guildies that play other games as well together.

As for the type of guildies we are ideally looking for are: active (though we will take players that are not as active as well), helpful, players with a sense of humor that do not have to be serious all the time, people that are looking to raid with like minded players, non-elitists and all roles are needed.

If you are interested in joining our ranks contact any of these following members on pubside:
Guild Leader-Ves'klar
Co leader - Tathalos
Council member/raid Leader: Raibend/Marbava
Council member: Aurrenveil

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06.13.2021 , 03:38 AM | #2
What's a good time of day to try to message you?

Kalnarius's Avatar

06.19.2021 , 08:01 AM | #3
mostly whenever for myself but others evening in eastern U.S. we have people on whenever though