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<Mando Cabure> Looking for more Mando'ade!

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<Mando Cabure> Looking for more Mando'ade!

TereusMitchell's Avatar

11.24.2019 , 12:29 AM | #21
Update 11/24/19:

-Happy Thanksgiving (Pre-emptively)
-Guild Level: 122
-Bonus XP: 15/15/10
-Currently looking for more HM / NiM Raiders for our prog teams.
-Prog Raids: Fri: 8PM US CST / Sat: 230 PM US CST.
-Holiday Schedule posted to discord.
-/who Cabure for invite.

TereusMitchell's Avatar

12.04.2019 , 06:40 PM | #22
Update 12/4/19:

Guild Level: 127
XP / Rep / Renown %: 15 /15 / 10

-LF More EU / APAC players.
-LF More PVP Players.
-Holiday Schedule Posted for Raids / Prog
-Large Yield CQ Weekly

MarrickVenaslo's Avatar

12.09.2019 , 01:12 PM | #23
Hey I'm down to join the guild of you will have me, recently got back into swtor after a bit of a break and looking to get back into things. New character name is Vuregoa

TereusMitchell's Avatar

12.12.2019 , 02:24 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by MarrickVenaslo View Post
Hey I'm down to join the guild of you will have me, recently got back into swtor after a bit of a break and looking to get back into things. New character name is Vuregoa
Hi MarrickVenaslo!

Thanks for your interest in Mando Cabure! I've sent you a PM via forums on how we can get you into the guild.



TereusMitchell's Avatar

12.17.2019 , 01:55 PM | #25
Mando Cabure Update 12.17.19

Current Guild Level: 133
Current Rep / XP / Renown %: 15/15/10
Current Prime-time Online: 40+

- Next great guild purge coming this weekend. All inactive toons over 90 days under level 40 will be purged to make room for new / returning / active players. If you get purged, you can always come back.
- Currently looking for active PVP players for premades.
- Currently looking for more raiders to start another 16M Team.
- /who cabure and DM anyone for an invite.

TereusMitchell's Avatar

12.24.2019 , 11:29 PM | #26
Mando Cabure Update 12.24.19

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday's to all from Mando Cabure! We hope you're spending time with friends and family. Make those memories, and stay safe!

Guild Level: 138
Rep | XP | Renown %: 15 | 15 | 10
Active Primetime: 40+

- Large Yield CQ Met weekly
- Active Discord (200+) members
- Raids 5 days a week.
- LF More HM / NiM Raiders for 3rd Team.
- LF Active PVP players for premades.
- /who cabure for invite.

Loadsamonie's Avatar

12.25.2019 , 04:40 PM | #27
Sounds like the clan might be a fit for me. I'm a fairly active Jugg Tank, only i272, a fresh level 75, with a focus on PvP and especially Galactic Starfighter (T2 Scout main). I'm slowly working on getting my irating towards 306, though I imagine it will take quite a while. Used to be a Guardian tank main but I've since defected after seeing how corrupt the Republic truly was in the Trooper story. Now I'm a Jugg tank main, with eventual plans to make a Heal/DoT Operative and maybe a Shadow tank for Pub-Side.

Slowly working my way through the storyline, and I'm game to do Master FP's and 8-man Ops provided the team is willing to teach me the encounters, but I mainly focus on Warzones and especially GSF.

Anyway, sounds like a cool clan. My ign is Killer'tofu, send me a PM sometime.

TereusMitchell's Avatar

12.31.2019 , 09:24 AM | #28
Thanks for your interest Killer'tofu! In-game Mail message has been sent to that character with more information!

Mando Cabure Update 12/31/19

- Have a terrific and safe New Year's from all of us at Mando Cabure. No matter how you decide to spend it, or who you decide to celebrate it with, this year is going to be awesome!

Guild level: 142
XP / Rep / Renown %: 15 / 15 / 10

- Currently looking for more raiders for another 16M Raid team. Don't be shy! We'll teach you the raids / mechanics, and help you gear!
- Currently looking for more PVP oriented members.
- Holiday raid schedule has been posted to Discord.
- If you'd like an invite /who cabure and DM anyone in game.

Senntron's Avatar

12.31.2019 , 10:27 PM | #29
Hey all, I am a returning player. I have not played since 2015. But I am looking to get back into the game and looking for a Guild to join. I was curious if you guys were still recruiting?

TereusMitchell's Avatar

01.03.2020 , 03:37 PM | #30
Hi Senntron!

We are still recruiting. I've sent you a DM via this forum with ways to contact us!

Thanks again, and have a terrific New Year!