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Newish player LF guild. (Imp side)

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Newish player LF guild. (Imp side)

dayolenmc's Avatar

03.01.2021 , 08:27 AM | #1
Hi! I'm a newish player to swtor, but have played wow for 12 years. I quit wow cause it got boring and not fun. I'm looking for guild, i enjoy pve, pvp ( have not pvped in swtor yet). No rp exp due to no guilds taking me cause of my slow typing, poor grammer, and my dyslexia. My main is a bounty hunter lvl 24 atm.

northfire's Avatar

03.03.2021 , 08:45 AM | #2
Hmu on Discord and I'll get ya invited to <Sabre of Mustafar>

Discord is Savantir07#4741
In-game names are Reilyrian and Xhadrian