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GSF Guidance

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05.11.2021 , 10:35 AM | #1
Typical back-story: I tried GSF a few times. Initially wasn't even sure my ship was moving. I didn't do much useful... I did not go back to it for years. Recently, I felt like trying it again as it is the only game mode I never played much.

I posted a comment in the "reboot gsf" thread and received some helpful replies:

Quote: Originally Posted by powerofvoid View Post
..., the process you should use is:
  1. Accept the intro mission (do one GSF match), and get an item that gives about 25k fleet requisition
  2. Run one GSF match
  3. Use the token you get to get about 25k fleet requisition
  4. Unlock every ship that can be bought with fleet requisition (~18k?)
  5. Now you have 12 ships, each of which gets 1,200 or 4,000 requisition each time you use a ship requisition grant
  6. Run dailies and weeklies for commendations (50 per daily and 300 per weekly) and ship requisition grants (1,200 per daily, 4,000 per weekly)
  7. Use commendations to buy more major ship requisition grants (350 comms per 4k)
  8. Repeat until you've unlocked everything
If you want to power-level one character, you can transfer the grants you buy to that character via mail or legacy bank, but you can't transfer the ones you get directly from missions, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by ALaggyGrunt View Post
Don't forget crew! The default crew have shortcomings, some of them serious:

Pub:[*] Akaavi Spar!: If you're going to gunship, she's got Wingman and sensor dampening.[*] M1-4X or Guss Tuno: These go with charged plating or maybe directional shield builds.[*] Yuun! If you don't have a trooper, your strike fighters can keep firing a lot longer, and you get the engine efficiency talent.

Imp:[*] Gault, Pierce, or Jaesa! All three of these give a 6% higher chance that a correctly aimed shot will actually connect. Gault reduces the time to fire most secondary weapons (except mines), Pierce increases your ammo pool (mines don't care), and Jaesa gives you a wider firing cone.[*] Broonmark or Xalek! These go with charged plating builds.[*] Blizz! Maximum engine energy talent means you're that much more mobile and harder to shut down with engine-draining abilities. He's your go-to imp crew for the hydro spanner copilot ability, which is nice for self-repairs when you don't have anyone with repairs in your group.

Regarding crew, you need to decide if you want to do KOTFE on this toon before or after you get large reserves of fleet req, because starting KOTFE takes them all away. If you start KOTFE before, you only have to buy them once. If you start KOTFE after, you'll have mastered ships and be able to just re-hire your crew.
I created a new character and followed powerofvoid's advice above except for the "Unlock everything" part. Unlocked 12 ships and have been trying some GSF with stock ships. I converted all accumulated commendations (from Space PvE, I think) on my legacy characters into requisition and mailed to this new "GSF Character" of mine who now has 28K Fleet Requisition (after using up 21K to unlock the 12 ships) and 36K Ship Requisition.

I'm looking for advice on the next step. I expect that involves picking 5 ships and outfitting them (including the crew.) If not, what's my next optimal step? If so, what 5 ships should I build out; should I use the builds from Drakolich's Ship builds, Jinnora's, or some other?
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05.11.2021 , 10:57 AM | #2
Strikefighters are very good and versatile ships, great idea to have one or two in your row. It is a good idea to build Starguard/Rycer with DMs in mind and Quell/Pike for sat matches. Both do great in either though. Both work great if you build em for jack of all trades too,as opposed to specializing for anything particular. 3rd Strike,Clarion/Imp fills more of a support role, either heals your allies or debuffs your enemies. It does great too, but lacks stopping power of the other two.

Two different strikes, your fav. Bomber, GS and Scout is a nice default outfit to roll with I think.

Spearpoint/Bloodmark is a great scout to start with. In Sat games, it is easy to be the vital part of the team even as a fresh pilot. (cast tensor at beginning of the match) In general, it does fine around satelites due to EMP missiles. Much less useful in DMs.

Razorwire/Rampart Mk4 is a starter friendly bomber in a sense that they,too provide an essential service for your team that is easy to execute. (Hyperspace Beacon, is a spawn point) It is very difficult to fly bombers well, but providing certain baseline performance on them isn't too hard. Dropping the beacon in a good place can win a Sat match for your team. For a beacon bomber, it is easy and new pilot friendly to throw the base performance in Sat matches(drop the beacon), much , much harder to be useful in DMs.

When it comes to Gunships, Dustmaker/Cometbreaker is pretty much the only ship in GSF that feels kinda dysfunctional. Its hard to come up with a situation where it'd do better than either of the other Gunships.
Manglet/Quarrel is a pure GS, great combo of Ion and Railguns available. The T3 GS is an interesting mix of a clumsy battlescout and a Gunship. Lacks Ions so it is worse a sniper than T1, but can do alright when forced to dogfights.

Drako's builds are great, but few of them are quite specialized. They'll serve you well if you know the ships and understand what any given build sets out to achieve.

Jinnora's ambitious attempt at an actual GSF manual! is great step after figuring out basics of the flight. Build recommendations here are super useful, for one thing. For new pilot in particular.

Despon's GSF 101 stuff is super useful too. On video form to boot, so its show and tell.

Torcommunity has nice easy-to-the-eye section about Ship builds too!